Friday, May 17, 2013

Most loved I

A new type of post on the blog, most loved: a collection of my favorite things of the moment. I was home again last weekend and took some photos of my favorite things. So here is my most loved...

Drink: Kusmi Bouquet of Flowers tea
This is one of the teas we bought in Antwerp and it's really good. I usually don't like dark teas so much (I always drink herbal teas), but with a little milk this bouquet of flowers was really tasty and surprisingly sweet.

Pastime: flower arranging 
If you didn't know already, I'm a flower girl. I'm always secretly picking flowers in Regent's Park, or from random flower pots in the city, scared to get caught. But when I'm home, there's no restrictions so I pick as many flowers as I want and fill the house with bouquets. 

TV show: The Borgias
This show is totally addictive and SO good! It's about a Roman family in 1492 and the drama and crime that surrounds them. IMDB rates it 7.9/10 but for me it's a 9/10! Give it a try, watch a few episodes and you might get hooked like me.

Make-up product: Catrice Camouflage Cream
This the best concealer I've tried so far. Very pigmented, great coverage, long lasting and it's a drugstore brand. You can get it for 2 or 3 euros at Kruidvat (Belgium, Holland and Germany). 

Flowers: Azalea
The colours are breathtaking, the scent is amazing and they are simply beautiful. Possibly my favorite flower in the world, even though picking my favorite flower is like picking my favorite meal: nearly impossible. 

Breakfast: banana pancakes
I make these light and fluffly pancakes a few times a week. I've written about them before in this post. I've perfected my recipe now (key ingredients: bananas, eggs, milk, flour, cinnamon). The more often you make them, the better they get!

Treat: tiramisu
One of my favorite desserts yet one of the most difficult ones to make in terms of creating the right balance between all the ingredients. I still haven't found the perfect recipe yet but I liked this tiramisu because I only added 1 egg (I don't like the eggy taste of tiramisu). I will share the recipe once it's perfect. 

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