Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jo Malone Red Roses Body Creme

A product I've never mentioned but have been using for a while is this body creme by Jo Malone. I received it as a present last Christmas, but only started using it during spring/summer. It's luxurious, hydrating, smells incredible and it's perfect for pampering. 
The consistency is quite thick and rich, but not as thick as a body butter. It's kind of in between body butter and a regular body creme. This creme smells like a huge bouquet of wild roses, almost a similar scent to the pink Madame Pereire roses you see in the pictures

Apart from being really hydrating, the creme is heavily scented so it lingers on your skin which is lovely for when you don't wear perfume. This would also work perfectly with the Jo Malone Red Roses perfume, which is my mom's signature scent (can you guess who gave me this creme?). 

You can find all the scents on the Jo Malone website; I think this makes the perfect gift for all girls and women who love to be pampered!

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