Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas at the Conran shop

Finding original gifts is never an easy task. But luckily in London there's such a huge amount of shops and options, that it's just a little easier then elsewhere. The Conran shop is a kind of interior/design/foodie/book/beauty store. I had a little snoop around the Marylebone branch while snapping some sneaky photos of the incredible Christmas decorations.
The kid's section with over the top decorations!

There were Christmassy dinner tables all across the store and I liked this one best. Just look how those marbled plates match the Christmas crackers?!

When I was little I was taught how to make this kind of marbled paper and I'd love to try it again, it just looks so cool. Probably the best Christmas crackers I've ever laid my eyes on.

The Conran's selection of books is also pretty damn good. When I come here I spend at least 20 minutes in this section, looking through cookbooks, design books and interior books. 

There's even a little cafĂ© section, where you can take your time to leaf through a book while having a coffee. 

I also looked at this cook book, by the famous Polpo restaurant. This would make a really nice gift for all my fellow foodies out there.

Gifts for kids.. I think the idea of the Conran shop is that it's a one-shop-stop where you can find all your Christmas gifts. It probably saves some people from a lot of stress, but I kind of like rushing around looking for gifts, it's part of the Christmas package-deal ;)

Bright wrapping paper and an adorable little tutu on the left. 

I like the idea of not following the traditional Christmas decorations (in red, white, green, gold, silver..) but having super colourful neon colours instead

If you're doing you Christmas shopping and you're feeling a little lost, I certainly recommend going to the Conran shop, they have some really original things you wouldn't find anywhere else. 

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