Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paris part II

Paris day deux started kind of late (I blame it on the very late previous night), but we quickly got ready, hopped on a bus and got off at Jardin du Luxembourg just in time to enjoy the beautiful sunny morning. The plan of the day was to walk around in St. Germain to see a few things that were on my list. 

The weather was perfect; a crisp sunny winter day. We weren't the only ones enjoying it; Jardin de Luxembourg was filled kids playing games, women chatting in the sun, men playing tennis and elderly people playing a game of petanque

After the park we headed towards Le Bon Marché. On our way we saw some cute shops and yummy looking places. 

This place was called Bagels&Brownies and they sold what looked like delicious bagels. It seemed to be very popular so it immediately went on my Paris to-do list.

 I really loved the look of this building, especially with the sun shining on it. 

When we finally arrived we skipped Le Bon Marché and went straight into the newly renovated Grande Epicerie, because to be honest I'm a little more foodie than fashionista at heart. La Grande Epicerie the best grocery store you'll ever see (or that I've seen at least). You can find hundreds kinds of everything, all of incredibly quality. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

This water-wall is pretty incredible. I have never seen that many different kinds of water together. Have you?

The fish monger section is also really appealing and everything is beautifully presented.

All the butter you could ever wish for.

 Happy butchers

And of course there's also a boulangerie

But the best of all in La Grande Epicerie is the fruits and vegetable section. Just take a look at this fruit truck!

The trunk is filled with all the tropical fruit you can think of and more. I think I died and went to foodie heaven.

Have you ever seen this? It's a type of lemon called Buddha's hand and it's very hard to find. I think it looks rather creepy!

Fresh fruit juices.

These cookies from Kyoto were really good: two very thin green tea cookies with in the middle a sliver of white chocolate.

Spanish style tapas bar

A fridge filled with truffle food!

Though we were incredibly hungry by now after seeing all that delicious food, we managed to resist and instead walk over to Brasserie Lipp, where the staff was so incredibly rude that we left and sat down at Le Petit Zinc instead. We shared a delicious pumpkin soup as a starter, had fish and steak as a main and finished off with a pear crumble. 

Le Petit Zinc may not be the best brasserie in Paris, but the food was good and inexpensive. After our late lunch we went on to find CityPharma, one of Paris' cheapest french pharmacies. It was crazy busy, but since I went there twice this trip and this post is getting a little long, I'll tell you about it in another Paris post. 

Before heading home we spotted the beautiful Louis Vuitton display opposite the abbey of St Germain-des-Pres. I think they always create the best shop windows.

After a little spruce-up at home it was time for dinner again so we headed to Les Champs Elysées to Miss Ko which is a Asian fusion restaurant designed by Philippe Starck. The interior is really cool, and it was really crowded that night. We were seated at a long bar/table which was made out of tv screens. 

As we weren't too hungry, we only ordered some spicy dragon rolls. 

The sushi was good, but doesn't beat similar sushi places I've tried, but restaurant is definitely worth a look at when you're in Paris, even if it's just for a few cocktails (which I heard are delicious). 

After our light dinner we went to pick up some friends before heading to club 79. I didn't really like this place; it was too big and the music wasn't great, so we moved over to Chez Raspoutine which is a Russian-themed club. There's a very particular crowd that comes here: women were dressed in long ball gowns and everyone has this particular nonchalance. The interior makes you feel more like in an old house than a club: carpeted floors, chandeliers and thick curtains. Raspoutine is definitely one of the more impressive clubs I've ever been to, and I hope to go back next time I'm in Paris. 

After a little while we decided it was time for yet another club, so we made a short little walk to Le Titty Twister, named after the bar in Tarantino's movie From Dusk Till Dawn. This place is more of an underground bar, with neon light quotes spread all over the place. The music here was the best of the whole night, and the atmosphere was more relaxed. 

I sure did use my time well to discover a bit about the Parision night life! It's very different to London in the way that there seems to be much more variety. Have any of you ever been out in Paris? Let me know what I must do/visit next time!

Hope you enjoyed reading this enormous post :)

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