Sunday, December 22, 2013

Paris part III

Day three in Paris also started with beautiful sunshine and blue skies. Today's plan was to go to Le Marais, as this is one of Paris' neighbourhoods where shops are open on Sundays. 

I hadn't been to le Marais very often before and now I really love this area. The shops look authentic, almost as if they were all little boutiques instead of big high street brands. 

We stopped over at Diptique for a candle-sniffing session. Diptique has the best-smelling and prettiest candles.

At Diptique I also saw the most beautiful colourful bouquet. The lady told me that they get a new bouquet every week which matches the candles they have on display. Pretty!

On our way to find the store 'Merci' we walked past Minimes, which apparently is a good restaurant. I need to try out so many things when I come back to Paris!

Paris is full of little boutiques that sell really fine and delicate jewelry

Cute Yoda origamis

We popped into the Acne store on Rue Froissart which is the coolest looking Acne store I've ever been to.

We had a look at this really cosy place called 'Beaucoup' which was serving a delicious-looking brunch buffet. 

But we forced ourselves to move on...

 ... to the next thing on my list: Merci, a huge loft-like shop filled with furniture, jewellery, stationery, fashion, household products, shoes and wrapping paper. 

Parked in front of it is the cutest little Fiat

Merci has a whole Aesop corner. If you don't know this brand you must smell the handsoaps, they are incredible.

Little wrapped gifts were dotted around the shop. I particularly liked this one.

The interior design section upstairs was my favourite part of the store. Linen couches, small flower vases and set tables (I think I'm developing a thing for set tables in shops)

These little vases are a fun idea to spice up a boring wall in the house

I love little vases like these. They are perfect to scatter over the dinner table along with some candles. Instant table decoration without any real flower-skills needed.

The restaurant part looks like a library, so you could basically spend a whole afternoon shopping, reading and eating your way around Merci!

After saying our goodbyes to the Fiat, our next mission was to find a good lunch. Le Marais is super busy on Sundays, so it wasn't going to be easy...

But I might have gotten a little distracted from our "mission" to take some pictures of these beautiful flowers 

To avoid a Paris-picture-overload, I'll tell you about our lunch and afternoon in the next post!

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