Friday, December 13, 2013

Takashimaya Kyoto department store

One evening during out stay in Kyoto, we decided to visit some big department stores. One of them was Takashimaya, where we pretty much immediately went to the basement, the food hall. It's comparable to the foodhall at Harrods only bigger; very impressive. Especially the fruits and vegetables department was one of the most elaborate I've seen.

We started at the bakery department, where I found Baumkuchen. I thought this kind of cake was traditionally a German thing, but apparently it's also very popular in Japan.  
Matcha cheese cakes. 

There were also lots of these kind of platters, containing food replicated in plastic. I'm guessing you could choose one of these to take away made fresh. 

Then there was lots and lots and fruit

A teeny tiny radish 

Fruit boxes

Square persimmons 

Very expensive net melons (20 euros each)

Some tomatoes.. and some very very small tomatoes

I told you they were small!

Flowers for decorating your food with; you wouldn't find this in Europe.

Shii-take mushrooms, my favourite of them all

And more mushrooms. Mushrooms are used a lot in Chinese cooking. I wish we had more different kinds at the supermarkets here. 

I hope you liked this little insight of this massive Japanese department store. I was really impressed with everything they had to offer. I didn't even show you the bakery, the pickled vegetable department and the tea shop. If you're in Kyoto, definitely go have a look at Takashimaya. I think the presentation is flawless and the variety of foods is pretty crazy.