Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Healthy meal inspiration

I often hear from people that they don't feel inspired to cook every day, let alone cook healthy. I try to cook for myself three times a day, and I know it's hard to come up with new/interesting dishes. So today I'll show you some of the things I've been making recently and hopefully you'll get inspired. Okay not all pictures look super appealing and Tumblr-worthy, but in the end it's all about the taste isn't it?
Mixed salad of roasted vegetables, plum tomatoes, kale, brussel sprouts, feta and some mixed seeds on top (I always use a mix of flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds). I like the mix of warm and cold in this salad. 

Roasted vegetables again (carrots, leek, shallots) with stir fried mushrooms & greens with some halloumi and a yoghurt dressing with lots of pepper on top. I like to roast lots of vegetables at once (my favourite is roasted carrot), and use the leftovers the following days. This 'warm salad' was actually a pretty spontaneous/random meal but it was very yummy. 

A big bowl of home-made zucchini, carrot and cauliflower soup with croutons made from leftover wholemeal wraps. Not the most appealing photo (sorry!) but perfect for this kind of cold and rainy weather.

A salad with shredded roast chicken, mushrooms, avocado, rocket and baby spinach. For extra flavour I added little sprinkle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and parmesan on top.

Baby spinach and pomegranate salad, recipe here

Baby spinach, halloumi, avocado, pomegranate and parsley salad with mixed seeds and a simple olive oil, lemon and ponzu dressing. 

Banana pancakes! I eat these plain, with brown sugar or with almond butter. These are also really good as a on-the-go snack, even when they're cold. Looking back at my first post about banana pancakes I sure managed to improve the look of them haha! 

Overnight oats with banana, coconut flakes and pomegranate. I combine the oats, chia, flax seeds and almond milk in the evening (ratio: 1/2 - dry ingredients/milk) and add any toppings I like in the morning. The quickest and most filling breakfast!

An evening snack after the gym: a mix of greek yogurt and blueberry yogurt, one banana and my homemade granola. Have a look at my recipe, it's so easy to make and you'll never want that sugary stuff from the shop again!

Almond breakfast smoothie with almond butter toast. 

More overnight oats - my favourite breakfast lately - with banana and coconut flakes. Here you can really see the plump little chia and flax seeds. I usually use two teaspoons of chia and 4 teaspoons of flax seeds, together with the 'base' oats (one or two quick Quaker oat bags).

Of course I also eat 'bad' stuff, but this post is meant to inspire you to make healthier meals, so I'll leave out the burgers this time;) This is also 100% my idea of good and nutritious food, I'm by no means an expert! I hope you liked this post though, and if you like, leave a comment with your favourite healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner, I'd love to know!