Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hair post: my haircare + tips

Today's post is all about hair! As you might remember, I cut my hair short about one year ago. This past year, my hair has grown pretty fast (for my standards) and it's healthier than before. So in today's (very long) post I'll share a few tips with you and tell you about my hair care routine. 
I went to the hairdresser recently to get highlights and a haircut since hadn't cut it since June, oops. This is the second time I went to Daniel Galvin in Marylebone for highlights and I must say my highlights have never looked more natural and pretty. Everything is done so professionally and I was so pleased with the blowout (ignore my sad face on the left picture, I was just concentrating haha!) I'd especially recommend this salon to blondes like me who like to have very natural highlights. I've also seen some other ladies get incredible blowouts here! 

My hair before (left: dark roots, dull-looking, dead ends) and after getting highlights and a haircut. The girl who cut my hair only cut a little bit because she wanted to make sure I kept the length of my hair as I'm trying to grow it long again.

 Before & after:

I think one of the main reasons why my hair feels healthy is because I don't use shampoos with synthetic sulfates or conditioners with silicones anymore. It all started last year with the 3''' More Inches range, and when I finished those I moved on to the all-natural Louise Galvin Sacred Locks range, which I have been using ever since. (click on the links to read the full reviews)

The hair products I use right now are:
 Sacred Locks Shampoo for fine hair (link)
 Sacred Locks Conditioner for fine hair (link)
 3''' More Inches Pre-Wash Treatment (link) - once every two weeks though I use this more often during summer because it makes my hair so soft!
 Sacred Locks Treatment Masque for fine hair (link) - once a week instead of conditioner 
 Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (link) - I sometimes use two drops on the ends of my hair before blowdrying

I love these products, especially the Sacred Locks range because it smells divine, it's gentle, nourishing and doesn't contain any harsh ingredients. I would definitely recommend this range if you're looking for great hair care.

Because the water in London is very harsh and drying for my scalp, I do a coconut oil treatment about once a week. About 30 minutes before washing my hair I'll take some pure coconut oil, rub it between my fingers until it has melted and then I massage my scalp. It really makes a big difference for me, after washing (you can shampoo twice to get rid of all the coconut oil) my scalp feels much less dry. I love this natural treatment!

Last year I also started taking yeast supplements - 'biergist' in Dutch - every evening before going to bed. I started taking them because they are meant to make your nails stronger. While I haven't noticed a huge difference for my nails I do think this might have contributed to my hair growth this year. These supplements are quite cheap so it's worth a try! (they also help keep my skin clear)

Some other tips:
 It's not good to sleep with your hair tied, because it 'pulls' and stresses you hair, so just untie it at night. By the way if you're using hair ties during the day, these hair ties from H&M are my favourite
 Get a haircut when you notice your ends are splitting/feeling dry/frizzy. If you want to let your hair grow, don't cut it too often though. It all depends on how you treat your hair with products and heat styling. 
 Don't use styling tools too often. I use a hairdryer and straightener only after washing my hair (2-3 times a week), and I let it 'recover' the rest of the week. 
 Use dry shampoo between washes so you don't need to wash your hair every day as this strips your hair & scalp from its natural oils
 The food you eat really affects your appearance, including your hair. After I came back from Japan where I ate sashimi every day I noticed a big difference: my hair was shinier, my nails were stronger and my skin was clear. Eat good food and you'll notice a difference! Check this post for more healthy hair food. You can also look into hair supplements.
 I get my highlights done about twice a year, not more because it's quite damaging. Blonde hair lights up during the summer anyway.

While there is no magical treatment to make your hair grow faster, I noticed that the little things did improve my hair health and made it grow fast than it did before. These are my personal tips, let me know what your tips are if you have any!