Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thann Aromatic Wood

I made a little rediscovery while organizing my beauty stuff (I use this storage box from Muji and it's perfect). I was looking for a shampoo to wash my make-up brushes with and found this travel set which I brought with me from Japan from a brand called Thann. While washing my brushes with the shampoo, I remembered why I had brought this with me, the smell is incredible!
I got this set while we were staying at Benesse House on a tiny island called Naoshima, which is basically an art island, with installations, museums and cool buildings dotted all over the place. The main 'event' of the island is the Chichu Art Museum which was designed by Tadao Ando, especially made for the work of 4 different artists. My favourite was the Claude Monet room, filled with five huge Monet works (his famous water lillies). You can Google pictures but it doesn't do it justice. Visiting the islands and staying at Benesse House was probably one of my favourite parts of the trip. 

Back to the Thann products, you will now understand that the scent of these bring back really good memories. The scent is called Aromatic wood (find the products here) and smells like a mixture of wood, nutmeg and citrus fruit; a really spa-like scent. These products make my hair and skin feel really soft and the smells lingers for a very long time. 

Thann is a brand from Thailand so in Europe it's only available in Sweden, Finland and Turkey (find all locations here). So just a little tip if you ever see this range, have a smell because I'm sure you'll love it too!