Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Daily make-up

I just realised that I've never made a post about the make-up I use every day. I think it's quite interesting to see what other girls use, so here is my daily make up post! Most days of the week I'll use all of these products in the morning as my basic make-up routine. It's 14 make-up products and tools in total, which seems like quite a lot, but isn't really, I promise ;). I'll tell you a little bit about each product or link to previous blogposts.
I use a mix of high-end and budget products as I think that the price of a product doesn't always reflect on the quality. You should use what works for you, whether it's only Dior products or a mix of budget brands. I think if you want to invest in or splurge on a product, do it on either something that lasts a long time (blush, highlighter, bronzer) or something that is essential as a 'base' for your make-up look (brushes, foundation). Things like setting powder, eyebrow gel or concealer definitely don't need to be expensive as there are so many great budget alternatives out there. 
Before applying any make-up, I make sure to moisturise my skin with my favourite Avene moisturiser. Then, I apply my Nars foundation (Gobi) with either my fingers or a brush, depending on my mood. 

I then use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in '1 fair' under my eyes, on my nostrils and any areas that need a bit more coverage. This concealer is really great and a favourite of many beauty bloggers. The only downside is that the writing on the packaging rubs off within a week. 

To set my base, I use this translucent loose powder from Catrice. It's very light and gives a matte velvety finish. For traveling I prefer compact powders like this one.

Next, it's time to add some depth and colour to my face. I have a few bronzers that I use but currently I'm using this MAC bronzer in sun dipped from an old limited edition collection. I use this to contour a bit and add some colour to my face. I'm in need of a proper contouring brush though, let me know if you can recommend one! I still love the Nars Orgasm blush and use it nearly every day as you can see. 

Next up are my brows! Eyebrows are so important because they frame your face and can make such a huge difference. My eyebrows and eyelashes are really blonde so make-up makes a big difference. I always make sure it looks natural and not too 'drawn on', so I use an eyebrow powder from Catrice which I recently wrote about. I use a simple angled brush to apply it and then comb through it with the spoolie side of this eyebrow pencil. To 'fix' is I use eyebrow gel from Catrice but on some days I forget to do it. 

The very last step is curling my lashes with a Shiseido lash curler which I got in Japan and it works like magic! Then I use the Benefit They're Real mascara, how cute is this tiny packaging? This mascara is amazing, it makes my lashes super long and curly. The only downside is removing it. But it deserves a shared number 1 spot next to my all time favourite Clinique High Impact mascara. 

The tools I use: Real Techniques Blush Brush for blush and bronzer, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for foundation and concealer and a Chanel Kabuki brush - which I've had since I was 15! - for applying loose powder. I try to wash my brushes about once a week, because bacteria can build up in your brushes and you don't want that on your face!

These are all the products I use every day and I think I spend about 10 to 15 minutes doing my make-up. For me it's a little relaxing moment in the morning and I always turn on some music or a Youtube videos while doing my make-up. What does your routine look like?