Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March in pictures

You quite seemed to like my February in pictures post, so I made another one for March. Maybe I'll make this a monthly thing now? A little sneak peek into my everyday life, I hope you enjoy :)

Around this time of the year I get to make my favourite bouquets with blue anemones and the most beautiful peach blossoms // my dog Nocho loves playing with tennis balls, she never gets tired!

I went to Nike Town again to try some leggings. I didn't really like these 'Just Do It' legging but fell in love with the Luxe Running Tights, the perfect running tights (unfortunately really pricey at 70 pounds) // I finally found a good cold cup and have been using it non-stop (from Primark) I like how it matches my Ciate nail polish!

A relaxed morning reading Harper's Bazaar with a good breakfast // blooming magnolias at Regent's Park

Spontaneous dinner at Burger & Lobster, one of my favourite meals! // right next to it we discovered a 'secret cinema' which is a recreation of the hotel in the new Hotel Budapest movie. For around 50 pounds you can 'experience' the hotel for one evening, including dinner and the movie I believe

LOVED this homemade breakfast, I must make it again! // my favourite gym day is leg day (when I train my legs) I think it's fun somehow

I discovered this beautiful flower shop and right next to it a greengrocer near Warwick Avenue // my Swedish friend made fresh semla for us! I'd describe it as a type of soft scone with cardamom, almond paste and a load of whipped cream. Really good!

I went to Zara for a little bit of shopping and tried these amazing high heels // in the end I brought home these black Zara jeans and a lace top from Topshop

This is what my groceries usually look like: lots of fruit, vegetables, salad, halloumi, nut butters and some fish // I prepared a really tasty lunch: roasted potatoes with rainbow trout (similar to salmon but less fatty), creme fraiche with herbs and a salad

My favourite take-away Mexican is still Chilango, especially the chicken salad is great // a little Friday-night outfit

I had a bit of time before taking the Eurostar to Belgium so I had a small breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien // I packed these four jars of Meridian almond butter to take home with me. They were all finished by the time I left so I guess I'm not the only one who's addicted!

My cat Biba doesn't like cuddling so much but I can't help it because she's the world's cutest cat! // nice lunchtime drinks at de Bakkerswinkel

Running at home was so much nicer than in London; endless cycling paths and roads without seeing a single person! // I tried the coconut water from Pret but I can't recommend it. The cute packaging makes up for it (but only a little bit)

I'm always a little hesitant when I travel with my Givenchy bag because I want it to keep its shape (NOT like this) // the first thing we did when I arrived in Belgium was eat a delicious falafel pita at Finjan in Antwerp and catch up with my brother and sister.

Apart from all the good and fun things you see I also had a few deadlines to finish last month so I spent a lot of time at the library. Now all I have left is my dissertation which means the coming weeks will consist of even longer days spent at the library!