Friday, July 18, 2014

Juice & Salad Café

After work yesterday I had to run some errands, but I also found some time to have dinner in the sun because it was steaming hot and I'm always on the hunt for some good food. I decided to walk along the Prinsengracht (canal) and see what I could find. I quickly stumbled upon Juice & Salad Café, and because of the name (perfect combo) and the cute mint green benches outside I decided I had found my dinner spot.

There's quite a few salad, juice and sandwich combination to choose from, but in the end I went for:
1. South American salad with quinoa (small size)
2. Oriental vegetable juice with cucumber, mint, lime and apple (small size)

While a really nice girl prepared my salad (fresh) and juice (also fresh), I sat in the sun outside for some people watching. 

The moment my food arrived it wasn't me watching the people anymore, it was the people watching my food ;) two ladies even started talking to me about that delicious looking salad. And it really was just that. A great combination of romaine lettuce, avocado, chicken, tomato, olives, feta, quinoa and a mustard-lime dressing. YUM! The juice was unfortunately not very cold (no ice cubes, I asked :( ) so next time I will have a fruit juice instead. I like my juices cold! But it was still tasty anyway. 

The perfect dinner and more filling than you'd expect. Super reasonably priced and fresh so I will definitely come back here! You can even make your own salad and juice combos and take-away is also available. More info here. This is officially my first Amsterdam hotspot of many hopefully (and if I visit enough hotspots I'll make a Google map just like London!)

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