Sunday, August 3, 2014

George W.P.A. | Amsterdam

So before coming to Amsterdam, I had heard a few things here and there about the George restaurants, and I had only tried out George Deli. They call it "The proverbial French-brasserie-in-New-York... In Amsterdam." Every George is a little different (there are 4 of them.. soon 5!) so I couldn't wait to try out more. On a rainy Monday, I went to try out George W.P.A. because it was Belgium's National day so fries were in order and George so happens to have some of the best fries in the city.

We managed to get a little table by the corner (the place filled up quickly). The restaurant's interior is all mirror, marble and little white tiles. Like a sleeker version of a French brasserie. 

You can look right into the kitchen and see how your steak/mussels/fries are being prepared. 

The menu is elaborate but not too big. There's just enough options for mains, and there's a list of 'small dishes' like steak frites, escalope Milanese and moules frites. However we were told by the waitress that the 'small dishes' were just normal portions. (why are they called small dishes is still a mystery to me though)

At many places in Amsterdam they serve Marie-Stella-Maris, which is a relatively new but awesome water brand. Part of the profits of each bottle goes to water and sanitation projects worldwide. Not just a pretty bottle but also a brilliant idea. I'm a fan!

Soon after we ordered, our mains came. I orderd the steak frites and my mom had moules frites, perfect to celebrate our National day. 

Super reasonable portions for being 'small dishes', right? We also had a big salad on the side but pictures of steak 'n fries looks better ;)

I normally don't like mayo (except home made) but this mayo was really delicious, and most likely home made. The steak was great and so were the fries. My mom's dish was also scrumptious, mussels with a delicious white wine sauce.

After having filled our tummies with our delicious dinner, my mom decided it was a good idea to order dessert haha. I usually think it's too much after dinner but we couldn't resist and ordered a creme brûlée. 

I never really order this dessert but oh my god, this is the best creme brûlée I've EVER tasted. 

Mainly for this reason: there was SO much fresh vanilla in this. Mmm truly incredible, you must try it when you go here. (actually we were secretly checking out online reviews while waiting for our dinner, and one reviewer wrote about this dessert -> the power of restaurant reviews ;) ) 

Of course it was all way too much and we nearly rolled home. But sometimes you gotta overeat if you want to try all the good things haha! I'll definitely be back here, the food is fresh and good, and the prices are really reasonable (€16.50 for my steak and €18 for the mussels, both including fries). Next time I hope I can sit on the terrace because that's even cosier I think!

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