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Conservatorium Hotel | Amsterdam

I haven't been the best blogger recently, mainly because I don't want to spend too much time on my laptop after spending a whole day behind a computer at work. I do want to share some Amsterdam things with you which is why I'm showing you around Amsterdam's coolest and most luxurious hotel: the Conservatorium Hotel.
This luxury five-star hotel only opened up three years ago, in 2011, in a building which was previously a music conservatory. The architect Piero Lissoni turned the conservatory in a cool design hotel while preserving the historic features. The building is vast so there are over 100 rooms, some shops, a bar, a 1000 square meter spa and restaurant. I'm a sucker for luxury hotels so it was nice to get a little taste of this when my parents came to spend the night in Amsterdam. 

A large glass structure was built around the courtyard of the original building, which is super impressive when you first walk into the hotel. There's a big lounge area and real trees peeking through another glass structure. 

This whole space is really well lit, flooded with natural light and looks different throughout the day.

Because the building is really high, I'd recommend taking the stairs up to your room to get a better view of the courtyard. 

The rooms are also nicely designed, but not very cosy in my opinion. It does suit the rest of the hotel, but it's not the cosiest room. It just looks like another hotel room, apart from some nice extras, it's nothing out of the ordinary in my opinion. 

What makes this a five star room is the extras, like a nice little Nespresso which you can have first thing in the morning along with some fruit. 

The bathroom is a little bit Japanese inspired, with a little stool in the shower and a big square bath tub. The bath tubs in Japan are absolutely massive and made from wood. Because the walls in traditional Japanese walls are literally paper-thin, it's quite cold inside the house during fall. This is why it's a custom to take a really really hot bath before going to bed (after a shower), where you soak and relax for a long time. After that you go to bed (which is a thin mattress on the floor) and snuggle in a deliciously thick and fluffy duvet while having the calming scent of tatami enter your nostrils. While still warm from the bath, you drift off into a very deep sleep...

So who feels like taking a bath now? 

 Back in the ground floor area of the hotel, there's much more to discover and see

Love these flowers, does anyone know what it is?

A few little shops inside the hotel. The Conservatorium also has a big Skins Cosmetics store which is really similar to Space NK in the UK. A luxury cosmetics store which sells the best brands. I'll have to show you next time!

The hotel is also really beautiful at night and feels very international, worldly and city-like. This could as well be London or New York!

While I didn't sleep at the hotel, there's one thing I really wanted to do here: go to the spa! I love hotel spas and especially hotel swimming pools (I've been obsessed since I was little). I stole my mom's fluffy white robe and headed to the spa early on Sunday morning, excited like a little kid. 

The spa's pool is completely immersed in blue light which my eyes needed to adapt to first. It's really cool and different to any other pool I've been to!

After swimming in the pool, relaxing in the jacuzzi and almost burning alive in the hamman - I don't think I've ever been in such a hot and suffocating space - we felt refreshed and ready for brunch, which you can read all about here

I also had a peek at the really big hotel gym and yoga space. You can get truly pampered at this spa but also take care of your body with some sport. You can also just get a day pass to the Akasha spa and gym if you're not a guest at the hotel. A perfect gift!

I hope you liked this sneak peek of this beautiful luxury hotel. I love some luxury from time to time! You can find more info about this hotel here. 

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