Thursday, December 4, 2014

Most loved XIII

New month so that means there's some new things in my life that I've been loving. You know the drill, here's my most loved...

Snack: Terra vegetable chips 
I was never really convinced by vegetable chips, but I think that's because a few years ago, there weren't that many options. I found the brand Terra in Belgium, which sells different kinds of vegetable chips. The chips below are the Stripes and Blues chips with sweet potato, blue potato and beetroot. SO yummy, especially the beetroot. And the colours are beautiful so it's also food for the eyes!

Scent: Molecule 01
I've written about this too much already but it's just so good. It's the only perfume I've been using the past month and I'm scared I'll run out of this too quickly. I love the woody/peppery scent, but it smells different on everyone so just try it out when you see it! 

Place: Bubalco Zoo
I have never been to a zoo where the animals are allowed to run around so freely. Deer, bunnies, peacocks, emus and lemurs are free to go where they want, and the surroundings are beautiful as the zoo is located right next to the Rio Negro. In big cages there are white tigers, cheetas, leopards, monkeys and birds. This feels more like a safari park than a zoo! And apart from a small group, we were the only people walking around there. If you're ever in the area of General Roca in Argentina, Bubalco is a must-see!
Lunch: asado
Asado is basically a big lunch with many people and mountains of grilled meat. We had a real asado in Chile and it was so good. Steaks and wildboar meat with crunchy fries and salads. I could easily get used to this custom!

Country: Chile
While Argentina and Chile are right next to one another, I still prefer Chile in terms of landscapes. The active volcanoes, hot springs, forests and lakes literally looked like postcards. 

Food discovery: empanadas & tamales
Typical Argentine comfort food if you ask me. I had neither tried empanadas nor tamales, and I was pleasantly surprised by them. It's definitely not very healthy, but it's kind of easy, quick and traditional fastfood. The tamales are little parcels made of corn and filled with meat and vegetables, wrapped in corn leaves. I liked this even better than the empanadas!

Season: autumn
Because I look forward to summer so much every year, I kind of forget about the beauty of autumn. But once it's there, I'm reminded of how lovely a crisp and sunny autumn morning feels and how fun it is to stomp through heaps of leaves and puddles. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been collecting the most colourful leaves I can find. This time I decided to create a little rainbow art work with it :) It's only temporary because the leaves were dried up the next morning. 

Recipe: granola 
I made my second batch of granola yesterday. The whole family likes to eat it with Turkish yoghurt after dinner (with extra honey, yum!). I have it for brekky on top of a frozen smoothie bowl (blend 1 banana, 2 tablespoons of yoghurt and 1 cup of frozen berries). You have to try it!

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