Sunday, January 4, 2015

10 most popular posts of '14

We're 4 days into 2015, but I can't help but do one more throwback to 2014. While I didn't manage to blog as much as I wanted to, I tried my best to give you quality content, and looking at the most viewed posts I noticed that the high quality posts are the most appreciated ones. Yay! I've also noticed that reviews of new restaurants and shops are the most popular, which makes sense. So in 2015 I'll try my best to provide you with the newest hotspots and the best possible photos! Simply click on the title to go straight to the post. 

1. My top 10 health & fitness instagram accounts

I will make an updated post of this soon since I don't follow half of these accounts anymore, BUT I still like some of the accounts such as Alexandra Bring and The Raw Vegan Blonde.

2. Christmas Gift guide
I really enjoyed putting this gift guide together and will definitely do it again next year. Thank you Annemerel for mentioning it on your blog!

3. The Good Life Eatery
This is one of London's most popular healthy cafés of 2014, no wonder this post got a lotta lovin'. If you're into healthy food, this should go on your to-visit list. 

4. H&M Go Gold Collection
I almost forgot about this outfit since it's not really winter-proof. The tights are so awesome so I can't wait to wear this again in spring. 

5. My opinion on the health hype
I got so much positive feedback on this post which was so nice to hear since it's probably my longest post ever so I didn't think anyone would read it. I just read it again and I still stand by my opinion 100%. Have a read and please leave a comment telling me what you think :)

6. Ohisama Sushi Marylebone
Some of London's best sushi. I wrote this review when it just opened because I literally couldn't wait to try it out. I also had Ohisama sushi on the day I printed my dissertation so it bring back good memories. 

7. Small bag big logo
Still loving the LV bag, though it's quite 'in your face'. What do you think?

8. Kurobuta Marble Arch
My number one favourite restaurant in London. Relaxed vibe and above all, incredible flavours. The pork belly buns are absolutely dreamy. 

9. Fit & Health Tag (Work That Es) 
This is one of the first health tags in the blogosphere, so I really enjoyed filling this out. Thanks to Esmée for coming up with it!

10. Lululemon Covent Garden
You can find some of London's best work-out clothes at Lululemon. The leggings are super flattering!

I hope you've enjoyed reading these posts!

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