Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A great morning in 11 steps

I'm not a morning person, and chances are high that you are neither. I'd love to sleep in every day and hit the snooze button 5 more times, but you gotta do what you gotta do: get up and start the day. I've discovered some morning/night before habits which make my morning more easy-going and relaxed. It's all about the prep! 

1.  Set-up your coffee maker. There's nothing better than waking up to the smell of coffee. This is why I put water and ground coffee in my Mokka before going to bed, so it only takes a few minutes in the morning to prepare my cup of coffee. You'll have your favourite drink the next morning without much effort. Bliss!

2.  Get out of bed at the first alarm. Stop snoozing, it will only make your morning shorter and more stressful. If you like snoozing, set only two alarms and when the first one goes off open your curtains (see next point). Snooze for 20-30 min and then actually get out of bed.

3. Get some sunlight. Open your curtains first thing (or when your first alarm goes off). This will allow you to wake up with the morning light. It's like an instant-wake up call.  

4. Open a window. Getting rid of the warm sleepiness in your room, and letting in some fresh air will instantly make you more awake and alert. There's nothing better than breathing in the cool morning air while drinking a warm cup of tea/coffee.

5. Lay out your outfit. Decide what you want to wear the night before, and lay it out (or mentally think of an outfit). This will save a lot of time and prevent you from changing your outfit 20 times in the morning.  

6. Drink water. After not drinking for about 7 hours, your body needs to get rehydrated. Put a bottle of water in the fridge the night before so you have ice-cold-thirst-quenching water the next morning. 

7. Don't skip breakfast. This meal is really important as you all know, but it can also be something to look forward to, if you just put a little extra effort into it. Buy some fresh berries to add to your brekkie, make a nice smoothie or prepare some banana bread the night before. If you look forward to breakfast, it will be easier to get out of bed. 

8. Prepare your bag(s). There's nothing worse than scrambling for things last-minute. This is why you should always prepare your bags in the evening, work bag and/or gym bag. If you work-out after school/work, you don't want to forget any essentials (sports bra, water bottle, iPod, earphones, hair tie etc. etc.) so get organised at night so you won't need to think about it the next morning. Just grab & go.

9. Leave five minutes early. Hurrying will make you stressed before you've even reached your desk, so take your time and be on time. Set your clock a few minutes ahead if you have trouble leaving early. 

10. Make your bed. Fluff up your duvet & pillows and let them air a bit. Make your bed right before leaving so that's it's looking all fluffy and inviting when you get home at night. Your room instantly looks more organised without much effort. 

11. Listen to music. Turn on your favourite songs du moment while you're getting dressed, while you do your make-up or during your commute to work/school. It will instantly lift your mood and will get you excited to kick ass on this brand new day. 

I hope some of these tips might be useful for you. Fellow non-morning person, I feel your pain ;) What's your ultimate tip for having a better morning? Please share, I'm curious!

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