Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vegan Deli | Munich

So Munich is full of cute little places, so in the next few months I will try to share as much as I can with you. Since one of my besties works just a few minutes away from my office, we go on lunch dates. Last week, we decided to try out the Vegan Deli. I believe the only other vegan place I've been to is The Good Life Eatery in London, which is a real hotspot with amazing vegan treats. So I'm glad to have discovered a really similar place in Munich!

The Deli is located next to YAM yoga school, so it's the perfect place to get a drink, snack or meal after a relaxing yoga class, or like we did, during our lunch break. Everything is vegan, fair and organic, even the lattes (which, by the way, come in huge bowls like at Le Pain Quotidien). The place is absolutely tiny, so only suitable if you're going with one or two friends. 

The main dishes as well as the cakes and sweets are different every day. There's one main course and one soup, and you can choose to get the mix-tape so you taste a bit of everything. There's not many options but you'll always get fresh organic food, seasonal products and quick service. And because it's vegan you can expect lots of veggies, some rice, home-baked bread and delicious spreads.  

You order at the till and try to grab a spot somewhere. The food arrives within minutes, but in the meanwhile you can admire the amazing-looking cakes in the window. 

Even though the food is prepared in the smallest kitchen ever, it looks beautiful. This mix-tape contained: vegetable stew with rice, salad, celery soup, bread with spreads. Everything was equally delicious. You might think vegan food isn't very filling but these meals are super filling, I don't get hungry all afternoon (and I'm always hungry). If you're not that hungry just get a soup or a main. The mix-tape is for the real hungry ones!

On Wednesday we went back for more!

I went for the main with poached fennel, coconut-curry sauce, rice, beetroot (I've been obsessed with beetroot lately), and roasted Jerusalem Artichoke. This came with some bread and an amazing spread on the side. Super tasty! 

My lovely table companions had the potato zucchini soup and the mix-tape. 

If you're still hungry after lunch (most likely not!), or if you swing by for coffee, there's a range of home made desserts to choose from.

Because my pics don't do the cakes any justice, I picked a random selection from YAM's page. How AMAZING does this look?!

The banana bread is the BEST EVER!

I definitely will come back for lunch here, and I need to try those cakes! The prices are fair in my opinion, especially for the quality of the food. At The Good Life Eatery you'd definitely be paying more (I don't miss London prices - haha). I seriously need to learn how to make this kind of food (the spreads! the cakes!) If Yam Deli would come out with a cookbook I'd be the first in line. Love this place! 

More info here. 

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