Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pho | Munich

One of the perks of my internship in Amsterdam was that we had Nghia Nghia just around the corner from the office (which I just discovered has sadly closed down). There, you could get the most delicious pho, bahn mi and the best summer rolls I've had in my life. Vietnamese food is packed with flavour, but light enough to not make you feel all snoozy the whole afternoon, which isn't convenient when you gotta get a lot more work done after lunchtime!

As you may know, I'm doing and internship in Munich now, and funnily (luckily!) enough, there's a great little Vietnamese place just a short stroll away from the office. It's called Pho and it's hugely popular, especially for a quick and tasty work lunch. All my colleagues go there at least once a week (one team even has a "Pho Friday" tradition). So I don't need to tell you anymore that this place has some very tasty Vietnamese "fast food" ;)

The menu is short but has all the classics you want/need: curry, noodles, pho (soup), rice noodles and salads. With each dish you can choose either chicken, beef, tofu or shrimps. Everything costs between 5 and 7 euros so it's very good value. You can eat there (there's a terrace, inside it's a little small) or you can take it away.

A few of my favourites are the summer rolls with shrimps (and a very tasty sauce), the spicy mango salad and the rice noodles with chicken. Number 25, the chicken curry, is super popular but I have yet to try this.

If you're in the area, Pho is definitely worth a try. And if you work in the area, you're even luckier. Otherwise you have to pop by for some take away which you can eat at home or in the park. It's cheap, super quick and very tasty, what's not to love? - more info here -

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