Wednesday, November 18, 2015

10 Instagram favourites

It's not a secret that I love Instagram. It's by far my favourite type of social media because images can tell so much more than words. There's a girl who was all over the news because she claimed social media is fake and harmful, and while she might make some valid points, I disagree with her idea of social media being bad. Through Instagram, I've gone to so many places I otherwise would have never known about, I get inspired to try to eat more vegan food and my appreciation for the beautiful things in this world has only increased. So without further ado, here are my top 10 favourite Instagram accounts of the moment (it's ever-changing), in no particular order. 

I just love threadsstyling because it's so lust-worthy. On this account you'll see the newest designer bags, best street style looks and accessories. It makes me want to have it all, so materialistic but a little designer-eye-candy never hurt nobody! (click on the images to go to the accounts)


This is one of my favourite accounts because it's beautiful and Pinterest-worthy, but also has a bit of a rock-n-roll edge. Lisa-Marie and Tim are such a cool couple! It's a great mix of fashion, food, travel and interior design; this account is just perfection. 


Most of you might follow Julie's account already, but it's still one of my favourites. Her style is so effortless and her L.A. pictures make me want to go there right away. She also does quite a bit of traveling around the world, and I like seeing different places from her perspective. 


I've only recently started following this account, but Marianna's photography is too good not to share. Her unpretentious travel account makes me dream of all the traveling I still want to do. 


Hannah is one of Sweden's biggest fit-bloggers, but instead of posting motivational quotes and a million gym selfies, she shows how to live an active life in a fashionable way. Her gym outfits are perfect but I love her badass boxing videos the most. She puts so much effort into her Instagram; check the colour gradients of her photos, amazing! She's done two collaborations with Nelly and I got a few items from her latest NLY Sport collection, love it a lot!


If you don't know who Jessica is, you must have lived under a rock. She's one of the world's biggest bloggers, but instead of just outfits, her account focuses a lot on travel as well. She goes to the most beautiful places in the world but is also not afraid to talk about real things (such as her handbag getting stolen, or her fear of flying). I feel like she has really stayed herself over the years and doesn't just promote products for the sake of it. I want to be her when I grow up, haha! (seriously though)


If you love food, and if you love art, this is a great account to follow. I'm obsessed with 
Brittany's food gradients, and she's worked with many brands to create tons of cool colour gradients. It's a huge effort and I have so much respect for that.


If you love models and editorials, but you don't want to follow every single model and magazine on Instagram, Modelsmundo is a great one to follow. Antoine handpicks the best portrait photos of models and collects them on his account. The pictures are always beautiful and high quality, love it!


This is by far my favourite food account. Georgia and I have a lot in common, we love coffee and we're both food and travel obsessed (pretty much the base of any good friendship). She's based in Melbourne and has totally convinced me that the food in Australia is amazing. I literally want to eat everything she posts.



Bo is a pretty Dutch girl who followed her love to New York, and it seems like she's adapting quite well to the big city life. She always finds the most beautiful flowers, her outfits are effortless and always on point, and she does brunch like every decent New Yorker. When I see this, I want to live in NYC too :) A cute and inspiring account to follow!


There, those were my favourite accounts of the moment! There are tons of other accounts I love as well, but I feel like these are on the top of my list. If you want to improve your Instagram-game a bit, check out these tips I shared a while ago. Now if you're turn to tell me which accounts are your favourite, please do share, I love a good account! 

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