Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Coco-choco-banana quinoa porridge

When I went to Madrid, we had breakfast at Federal Café twice. The reason? Their scrumptious avocado toast with coriander and their surprisingly tasty quinoa porridge. Two breakfast staples I fully intended to recreate at home. Now, you all know how to slice an avocado and pop it on some toast, so I decided to recreate the quinoa porridge recipe. How didn't I think of this before? Quinoa is protein-rich which will make you feel full and keep you going until lunch time, and the banana gives you plenty of energy to start the day. 
Quinoa porridge Federal Cafe recipe

Although I didn't quite manage to get the exact recipe, I noted down all the ingredients they used in the porridge and decided that it couldn't be too hard to make at home. I've had this for breakfast twice now and really love it! It's definitely something different than what I usually eat. So let's get straight to it then.. how to make this protein-rich, gluten-free, filling, vegan, delicious, high in fiber breakfast! 

Quinoa porridge Federal Cafe

What you need
- Half a cup of quinoa (about 100 grams)
- 1 cup of water
- half a banana
- 2 very dark chocolate squares (use good quality chocolate, this one is tha bomb!)
- 3 small dates or 1 medjool date
- a small handful of toasted coconut flakes
- a splash of (homemade) nut milk or coconut milk

How to make it
Start by cooking the quinoa as you usually do. First, wash and drain the quinoa through a sieve, then cook it according to the instructions on the packaging (usually one part quinoa & two parts water). Once it's cooked, pop the quinoa in a bowl and let it cool off. You can also do this the night before and keep the quinoa in the fridge so you have even less work in the morning!

Coco-choco-banana quinoa porridge Federal Cafe

Next, it's time to slice & chop everything on a chopping board: the half banana, the dates and the chocolate. Don't forget the coconut flakes! 

Coco-choco-banana quinoa porridge Federal Cafe

Now it's time to combine everything, as you can see below:) 

Coco-choco-banana quinoa porridge Federal Cafe

Coco-choco-banana quinoa porridge Federal Cafe

Last but now least, pour some nut milk on top. I used homemade cashew milk but you can also use store-bought nut milk (Nut Dream is my favourite). 

Coco-choco-banana quinoa porridge Federal Cafe

Credits to Federal Café for this breakfast idea, it's truly delicious! I never thought I'd be eating quinoa for breakfast but this combination of flavours it just perfect. The dates and banana make it sweet, the coconut gives it a crunch and the dark chocolate adds some richness and bitterness. If you're a bit bored with your current breakfast routine, try this, I know you'll love it!

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