Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sprints training schedule

I recently started incorporating sprints/interval training into my workout routine, just to change things up a little. Even though I don't run that often, I have noticed that my pace has gotten a bit slower lately. So because I heard interval training is great for making you faster, I decided to finally do it properly! I have a simple schedule I wanted to share with you.

I've tried different sprinting schedules, but this is the one that works the most effective for me. As you might know already, this kind of training (interval training) is great for helping you increase your endurance while at the same time burning more calories than you would during a steady run. And it also takes much less time! I've been doing these sprints for a few weeks now and I try to do it once or twice a week, sometimes even after a strength work-out at the gym. 

> 1 minute active walking (6 km/h)
> 1 minute sprinting (15-16 km/h)
>> repeat 10 times
> finish with a few minutes of walking at a comfortable pace

This schedule takes about 25 minutes (10 minutes walking, 10 minutes sprinting & a cool down) and will definitely make you sweat. This usually adds up to around 4 kilometers.  The speed indicated is the speed I run but it's of course totally up to you so you can make it more/less intense. Just make sure you push yourself! 

I use my iPhone as a stopwatch and just place it in front of me on the treadmill (it's really convenient to set the speed so you can't cheat). When I run outside I just hold it in my hand to make sure the timing is correct since one minute passes pretty fast. I hope you'll give this a try, I've already noticed that these trainings have helped me increase my speed during regular runs! 

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