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July in pictures

It's finally August! One of my favourite months because 1) it's my birthday, 2) we get the enjoy the final weeks of summer and vacation, and of course, 3) all the amazing fruits and vegetables that are in season and/or growing in the garden at the moment! This summer I haven't been travelling that much, but in July we went away for one weekend to the South of France/Italy. Even short trips give me so much new energy! Next to that I've just been studying for my nutrition exam in a couple of weeks, went to Tomorrowland for the first time and enjoyed the few hot days we had last month. 
July in pictures whiskers & lions

Rens Kroes on the go

Simple breakfast: Indian mango, fresh berries, coconut yoghurt, bee pollen and muesli from Lima, it's the best one I know. You can find it at health stores. // Rens Kroes launched her third cookbook - On The Go - this month and I went to buy it right away. It's a small format and full of on-the-go recipes. I'll be trying some of the recipes soon!

Off to Nice! // I love flying over mountains, it just looks so cool and surreal.

Since we flew around lunch time, we had some veggie noodle soups for lunch. A pretty good food option when you're flying because it still your hunger and hydrates at the same time. I read Everyone Worth Knowing which was a pretty fun chick lit about a girl working in PR in New York. // In Nice, we rented a car and drove straight to Menton, which is the last town next to the border of Italy.

Our hotel was right on the beach which is full of beach bars and restaurants, so cosy! // Dressed all red because Belgium would play that evening (their final game sadly). I love the Porsche Speedster! It suits me right?! ;)

I definitely have a thing for small cars. If I'd live on the French Riviera I would totally drive a Tiffany-blue Mehari! // We ended up at a restaurant which had zero vegetarian options let alone vegan options. Since they were grilling the fish outside and it smelled inviting, I ordered a sea bass. That was probably the first time I ate fish since Australia, and it was tasty but way too much. I notice that my body had a hard time digesting it! But I hope this gave me a little Omega 3 boost. When I'm not at home I'm not so strict on the vegan eating, but I do prefer choosing vegetarian or vegan options whenever possible :)

Menton in the morning! Such a postcard perfect town, with all the colourful houses and palm trees. I headed into town with my mom to walk around a bit.

The centre of Menton is busy and quite touristy, with many shops selling specialities from the Provence. 

In Menton, there are two things we visited that are worth a mention: the Basilique Saint Michel (this is the view from the Basilique) // The second one is the Jean Cocteau Museum, which is dedicated to the French artist. Even the building itself is already worth a look!

I love fresh white restaurant terraces, it makes the pictures look so much nicer (nothing frustrates me more than having a nice plate of food on an ugly looking table hehe) // After wandering around for some time we were starving, so we went to Le Festival Plage for lunch. This place is run by Italians so they do good pasta (if you want good pasta in Menton go to Italian places, not the French ones!) Spicy penne a l'arrabbiata with some cold rosé and a beach view... I wish my lunch looked like this every day!

That evening we had the first part of the wedding (kind of a rehearsal dinner), right on the beach across the border in Italy. Such a cool location! There was rosé, a nice barbeque, music and Italian gelato for dessert! 

Market Ventimiglia

The next morning we slept in a little bit and drove to Ventimiglia to go to the famous market. I felt like a kid in a candy store *heart eyes emoji* Amazing Italian produce, lots and lots of it! I wanted to buy EVERYTHING! 

Market Ventimiglia

There's nothing that makes me happier than a good food market. If you're ever near Ventimiglia you have to come here!

Market Ventimiglia

We bought blueberries, cherries, figs, dried tomatoes, dried aubergine and dried red pepper to bring home. I also got a cannoli but this one was really not so good, unfortunately. The other things were great, though!

After a late lunch and a lazy afternoon, I felt a bit restless so I went for a run in the scorching heat. I only ran 4 kilometers but the fun thing was that I ran from France to Italy and then back over the border to France. This is the view from Italy, not bad! Fun to do a different kind of run :) // Thanks to the run I barely had time to get ready for the wedding, hence the make-up explosion on my bed!

A little flashback to earlier in the day, when we rented beds on the beach to soak up some vitamin D // All dressed and ready to go! The boys in their tuxedos and the girls in colourful and light dresses!

I don't have a proper outfit pic but I hope this will do! I wore an orange dress from Ann Demeulemeester, little trusty Céline bag and my comfy heels from Zara, which are Aquazurra look-a-likes. // The wedding ceremony was beautiful, right by the sea and thought-out to the last details. Look at these hand-drawn fans! They had the schedule for the night written on the back.

For the apperitivo there were several areas where you could get Italian snacks. This table was my favourite, with all kind of mozzarella, burrata and tomatoes. So tasty! // Dinner was under the olive trees which felt like a fairytale. After dinner, it was time for wedding cake and dancing all night!

Joe and the juice Nice airport

The next morning was spent sleeping in and relaxing on the beach. Much needed after a very very late night (I closed my eyes around 7 am). Once we got to the airport in Nice we immediately went for a vitamin boost at Joe & The Juice. Their avocado sandwich is really good too. I wish we had a Joe & The Juice at Brussels Airport!

At the airport in the Netherlands, I bought this tasty little quinoa salad at Albert Heijn. // Time to pick up the kitty from the cat hotel. Always a traumatising experience for poor little Biba. 

I like to workout in the evening which also means that it's always packed when I go. But this time I went in the middle of the day and the gym was completely empty. Love it! // Puma and Nocho are the best friends, and recently I've seen them sleeping like this almost every day. My heart just melts!

I spotted the first Dahlia blooming in the garden. The perfect flowers for in summer bouquets. // A tasty vegan meal: kale and red cabbage salad, marinated tempeh, oven tomatoes, oven fries, zucchini with onion and veganaise.  

Went to Antwerp to join some friends for dinner and I was early for once. Usually, I'm the late one hah! The Tall Ships Race event was on so there were food trucks, music and lots of people. Quite cosy! // I chose Otomat for dinner because I love their vegan pizza but it took almost an hour before we got our food. Not cool. 

Antwerp Central Station is still the prettiest in the world! // I wanted to get a coffee but the only place which has soy milk is Starbucks (I don't drink cows milk anymore). If you know me you know that I really don't like Starbucks. I think it's VERY overpriced and the coffee is not even good. I struggled to finish my flat white.. But at least they have soy milk!

Decided to go to Gent for an afternoon, before going to a friend's birthday. I hadn't been to Gent in 8 years or so. Scandalous if you ask me, Gent is one of the coolest cities in Belgium. // The city is very walkable and I passed a couple of potential hotspots. This one is the new Wasbar. 

In the old post office, they've opened a couple of new shops, such as Sissyboy, Albert Heijn, Men at Work (with a really nice selection of brands) and a Skins, which was my favourite cosmetics store in Amsterdam. It feels like a mini-Amsterdam inside here! // I love big quotes on buildings!

Moor & Moor gent

Found this super cute little deli in Gent called Moor & Moor. They sell snacks and speciality food, and there's even a whole fridge filled with vegan food. You can also sit down and have a coffee/drink and a sandwich so I took a rhubarb juice and sat in the sun. Such a cosy little spot!

De Frietketel Gent vegan frituur

My brother joined me and because he was starving we went to de Frietketel which is a typical Belgian frituur (fast food place) but they have a huge range of vegan options! Amazing, I was so surprised to find this. The choices are super extensive but we just went for a vegan burger and fries. The burger was actually really not special so it was a letdown. Maybe their other options are better?

The best part about birthdays ;) // Scored this cute hippie style two-piece at H&M for €21 in total. I love a good bargain.

Antwerp is so lovely in summer! People everywhere, music, wine.. :) // I like to match my workout outfits, and this is the perrrrfect match. Leggings from Fashionablefit for NLY Sport (she's launching her own line this year, can't wait!) and shoes from Üterque.

Simple pasta dinner with roasted cauliflower, yellow zucchini and vegan parmesan cheese (recipe coming up!) // Some days were really bad weather but the end of the day is usually sunny somehow! And then I get out immediately and catch some rays.

Tinsel Antwerpen

Tried a brunch place in Antwerp called Tinsel. The interior is cute but I wasn't mega impressed with the food. Pretty average, but cosy for a Sunday brunch.

Saw this quote on a window and it made me smile. // Went to the Swan Market in Antwerp with my friends, really busy and a lot of food trucks. Wanted to try this vegan food truck called Puzzles but it was too crowded, so we went to buy sunglasses instead.. as you do..

I downloaded Pokémon but it was working so badly on the first day that I kind of lost interest quickly. It takes too much battery and 3G, so not worth my time! // Bought this coffee in Gent at Moor & Moor and I can make the perfect flat whites now, it's so good! (okay the bag is almost empty now)

Breakfast! I've been having many Açaí bowls this month, yum. // What I did most days, work work work work work work (think Rihanna voice)

Zucchini overload! There are so many zucchinis every day in the garden that we can hardly keep up. Now I pick them when they're still tiny, so we kind of became zucchini snobs. // I don't think a day went by where I didn't eat zucchini. This is a great light lunch!

Here's the H&M outfit with my cute little baby blue bag and flowers from the garden which matches my outfit perfectly! // I rarely drink Coke but once in a while, I feel like having one! I like them most without too many bubbles and a squeeze of lemon juice.

I was home alone on a Friday night, sad I was at home and not at Tomorrowland. So I made myself a classic comfort meal I made very often when I lived abroad: sweet potato fries, ketchup, avocado and pumpkin hummus. // I was super happy when I found a last minute ticket for TML for Sunday. Yassss!

Pre-festival vitamin breakfast // Random lunch made of rice-filled zucchini with home fermented cabbage, ketchup (love that stuff) and pumpkin hummus.

Tomorrowland 2016

Finally Tomorrowland! The weather was absolutely glorious! // And to top it all off, Snapchat launched a new filter which makes you look pretty at any moment of the day. Love it!

Tomorrowland 2016 kriss kross yuki kempees

So many happy people, all in one place. The atmosphere is just SO good here, I'm definitely going three days next year. // Started with my favourite Amsterdam DJ squad Kriss Kross, who always threw the best parties at Social (you'll know them from the song 'SEX')

Tomorrowland 2016

Friends, sunshine, my favourite DJ's in the world and 185.000 happy people :) so much #goodvibesonly

Beautiful smoothie bowls in the morning make me so happy! Here's my recipe. // The agapanthus flowers are in bloom, so beautiful.

My friend's cat is a real Garfield, so fat! // Nocho + Puma = forever in love

Harvest Moon coconut yoghurt watermelon pizza

Watermelon pizza! Such a tasty, fresh and beautiful summer snack. I used this coconut yoghurt from Harvest Moon as a base, and then topped it with berries and coconut flakes. I quite like this coconut yoghurt! They stopped selling Coyo at Albert Heijn so I got these instead. They're cheaper and tastier.

My friend sent me this on Snapchat. They know me in Spain ;) who knows where this is? // All I've been listening to since TML are the sets from Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens, Sigala and Bakermat. The best sets in my opinion! Martin Garrix closed TML at the mainstage and it was just too good!

It's going well with my training, thanks to my own verrry good advice. I even went running 4 times in the last week of July. (quite amazing for me.. running once a week is already a victory) // Picking flowers of all sizes and colours. The best part of being at home during summer!

July in pictures

Blueberries, raspberries and sweet peas (flowers) from the garden // More Açaí goodness in the morning. Super refreshing and surprisingly filling (I always add a spoon of peanut butter on top and some muesli/granola)

Dries van Noten Modepaleis shop window AW16

Dries Van Noten's shop in Antwerp always has the coolest displays. I'm in love with those trousers, and I definitely feel like I need leopard trousers this winter. // Fell in love with the Loewe elephant and bear bags back in 2012, and I still do now. Super duper cute!

Hope you have fun plans for August? I'll be going away a couple of times and I need to study a lot for my exam in September and prepare for my Master's which already start at the end of August. Exciting things coming up! 

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