Monday, January 16, 2017

I'm moving to New York

While I'm writing this, I'm sitting at Joe and The Juice in Copenhagen airport, sipping on a soy flat white. Although it's only 9 AM, I've already felt a whirlwind of emotions this morning. Excited about what's to come, sad to leave my warm home and family, nervous about the next few days/months but most of all, I feel lucky. Lucky to be able to see so much of the world. Lucky to experience new cultures, get to know new people and live my dream. Lucky to cross something off my bucket list which I wrote years ago. You can already tell from the title of this post, but I'll be living in New York City for the next six months and I couldn't be happier. Although I will be studying (the second half of my master's degree), I'll try to make the most of this time and of course report back here. Expect a lot of New York flavoured posts! If you have any tips for me in the meantime, feel free to leave them behind in the comments or email me at [email protected]
NYC whiskers and lions

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