Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Half Marathon Training pt.2

It's been almost three weeks since I signed up for my first half-marathon so it's time for an update. I went on a skiing holiday, so I didn't run as often as I would have hoped, but last weeks run definitely made up for it. I feel like I'm getting in better shape in terms of speed and distances, which I must admit is quite addicting. Who knows, maybe I'll really fall in love with running thanks to this?
Half Marathon Training NYC

I've tried to stick to the training schedule Annemerel gave me, which is three runs per week with one interval and one long distance. I haven't managed to stick to it 100% but I tried my best!

Week 2 training
Saturday: I'm still in Vermont with my family and even though I've been skiing all week, I haven't gone for a run yet. So since it's my last day here, I decide to go for a 5K run down to the main street and back. The way down is really only going down, which means the way back is one hell of a climb. A tough run, but good training for the little hills in Central Park.

Sunday: I land in New York around noon and after unpacking I go for a run. It's a beautiful day, so I decide to go for it and run 13K, the second time I ever run this distance. I can't say it was easy, especially the way back was painful and a tough mental game. But my pace was really good (5.05 per km) so I'm happy with this little personal victory. After this run, my calves were sore for 4 days. Lesson learned: stretch after a long run. 

Half Marathon Training NYC

Week 3 training
Tuesday: The weather was beautiful, so I decided to go for a quick run, despite my still-sore calves from Sunday. It wasn't the most pleasant run, so I kept it short. My last kilometer was my fastest, at 4.30 per km. 

Friday: On Friday evening I went for quite a late run, and although I wasn't feeling very energetic I decided to do a kind of interval training with a few stops in between (to take pictures hehe). I turned out to be a VERY fast run, so fast I even surprised myself. I felt so good and I enjoyed a beautiful pink sunset. I ran my 3rd kilometer at a 4.21 pace and ended with an average 4.32 pace. Not bad. 

Sunday: Time for another long run. I really wasn't looking forward to it because it was cold, I was nervous and last week's post-run soreness was still fresh in my memory. But after procrastinating the whole day I finally started my run around 5.30 PM. Running long distances is still not really my thing, but the more I do it the easier it seems to get. I was freezing at some moments and I was practically alone on the Westside Highway, but I powered through and ended with a 4.45 average pace. Funny thing, my Nike app was set to a distance of 5 km because it was Airmax day, so with every additional kilometer I ran I heard something like "You are X km beyond your goal" which was kind of nice!

Half Marathon Training NYC

5 more weeks till the half marathon! I'm actually excited for my runs the coming weeks. I must definitely try to incorporate more interval runs and be careful not to overdo it. One thing is certain: running with a goal in mind is so much more motivating for me!

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