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Gotham Gym | Boxing in New York

In the first part of this little series, I talked about boxing at Overthrow. I'm using Classpass to try different boxing gyms in New York, so next up is Gotham Gym. You might have heard of this place because this is where Gigi Hadid boxes (remember Vogue's video?) So I was really curious to try some classes at this place and now, after having done a couple of classes, I'm ready to tell you all about it.
Gotham Gym | Boxing in New York

Gotham Gym has two locations in New York, one in Soho and in the West Village. You can see the Soho gym in the picture above and the West gym in all the pics below. The gym is Soho is newer and really cool, with exposed brick walls, hanging light bulbs and Muhammad Ali videos projected on the wall. I've never seen a cooler boxing gym! 

But somehow I prefer the West Village location because it feels a bit bigger and it has large windows, which is a welcome addition when you're sweating your butt off during a class. 

Gotham Gym | Boxing in New York

At Gotham there are different types of boxing classes you can take, like regular boxing, sculpt & tone, Muay Thai and advanced boxing classes. At the Soho gym there are only regular boxing classes.

I've taken both the regular and the advanced class. I prefer the advanced class because it's just super intense and everyone is good at boxing, which will not always be the case in the regular class. You need to have taken 15 classes at Gotham to be able to join the advanced class but I signed up for one on my second time, so if you're confident about your skills I guess it's fine!

Gotham Gym | Boxing in New York

The one-hour class starts with a 10-15 minute warm-up in the ring which includes jumping jacks, shadow boxing, squats, lunges, high knees, squat jumps and whatnot. After that, you're paired with someone and you do pad work. After 15-20 mins you switch. At the end, it's time for ab exercises and a little stretch. I'm always super exhausted after each class. Every single minute is being used and it's non-stop! 

Gotham Gym | Boxing in New York

I really like Gotham because the classes are good and the instructor gives tips on your technique. The instructor I like the most at Gotham is Tatiana, who's probably one of the fiercest women I've ever met (her abs are insane). If you don't have your own gloves you can rent a pair for $2. I like the West Village location more because there's a better man-woman ratio, the classes are an hour, there's some fresh air coming in, the music is good and the advanced class is awesome. 

>> 600 Washington St. &  43 Crosby St. 

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