Monday, April 10, 2017

Things I didn't know about New York pt.2

I wrote a similar post back in February after I'd been in New York for three weeks. Every day I discover things I didn't know, things that surprise me but also things that make me laugh a bit. In this post, I will share a couple more observations I made over the last few weeks. I hope some of my fellow aspiring New Yorkers can relate! 
Thing I didn't know about New York pt.2

– In New York, you constantly run into people you know. I never expected it, but I see people I know all the time, even if I haven't seen them in 7 years. This also means that you should never look like a total mess because you never know who you might run into. 

People don't freak out about celebrities. In New York, no one really looks up when a celebrity walks by. Everyone goes on with their daily life (unless you're Beyonce). 

– In every restaurant or café, the tables are so close together that you can perfectly follow the conversations of the people next to you. It's kind of annoying when you're the one who wants to gossip, but it's extra fun when you overhear the juicy details of someone's weekend haha! I think that's why there are so many funny things on OverheardNewYork, people sit so close to one another that it's impossible not to eavesdrop. I once heard a girl breaking up with a guy next to me at a café and another time I overheard a Belgian guy talking about how he cheated on his boyfriend with several men. I'm pretty sure eavesdropping is every New Yorker's guilty pleasure ;) 

– From the moment it starts to rain (even drizzle), New Yorkers bring out their rain boots (wellies) and wear them all day, to work, to uni, wherever. I think this is the weirdest thing. Okay, it's not pleasant to walk into puddles but hey, we're not in the countryside. 

– Americans can be incredibly loud. This means that you can be incredibly loud too and no one will notice. We tested this last weekend in a restaurant. People were talking so loud so we started basically screaming at each other to see if anyone would look up. No one did. Lesson learned: talking extremely loud is perfectly acceptable in New York.

– Customer service is taken much more seriously here. If you're not pleased with something you've bought, whether it's food or clothes, you'll get some kind of compensation most of the time, no questions asked. I feel like customers have more to say here than in Belgium.

– Once you've lived in New York for a few months, your idea of monetary value becomes completely distorted. You consider a $5 beer to be cheap and you're shocked when an avocado toast "only" costs $6. Going back to normal prices in a few months will be an eye opener haha.

– Day drinking it completely acceptable, but having a beer in a little park is illegal. People get completely drunk on cocktails at 11 o'clock in the morning during brunch, but taking some beers to the Hudson river and watch the sunset is considered a no-go. In Belgium, it's the other way around!

– Pets are completely embraced by society. There are dogs everywhere you look, and nobody seems to have a problem with it. Last time I went to Trader Joe's (a supermarket), I saw a gay couple with a cat on a leash. When it was time to pay, they transferred the cat to a special cat backpack. I'm not making this up. 

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