Monday, September 18, 2017

My favorite on-the-go snacks

I'm the kind of person who can't survive on three set meals a day. I'd much rather eat smaller things all throughout the day, and have some nutritious snacks in between meals. When I'm at home, it's pretty easy to prepare something. But when I'm on the go, driving or commuting it's harder to bring these along with me (I have strongly dislike smushed bananas!) When I was studying in London, I discovered Whole Foods, and more specifically their healthy snack section. I tried many of these snacks over the years, so I have a couple favorites I always go back to. Lotus Bakeries kindly send me a selection of their natural snacks, and it included some of my all-time favorites which I'll tell you all about. 
My favorite on-the-go snacks

I always carry one of these snacks in my handbag, perfect for short-haul flights, commutes, and long car rides. It definitely stills my cravings and keeps me going until my next meal ;)

I may have received these goodies but I didn't get paid to write this post, so I just wanted to share with you my favorites and least favorites of the bunch!

My favorite on-the-go snacks

Trek Cocoa Coconut: this is my holy grail snack, my all-time favorite. It's 100% vegan (as are all of these snacks) and so delicious. If you like chocolate, oats and coconut you must try this one. The Trek Bar I like the least is the one with banana.

Nakd Cashew Cookie: It can't get more natural than this one. It only contains dates and cashews! Sweet, creamy and nutty. It's my favorite of all the Nakd bars!

Urban Fruit Magnificent Mango: Urban Fruit makes little packs of dried fruit, no additives, very pure. Dried mango is by far my favorite. I wasn't so keen on the strawberry one. 

Strawberry Bear Yoyo: These packs contain two little rolls of dried fruit (made with strawberry and apple, no added sugar). It's like a healthy version of a fruit roll-up. These are perfect for when you crave something sweet. 

My favorite on-the-go snacks

I also think these would make amazing snacks to bring to school. I remember when I grew up as a kid we didn't have any of these healthy alternatives, only cookies full of sugar. At least these snacks have no nasty additives, they're all-natural and even 100% vegan. If I'd have kids I know I'd definitely give these to bring to school.

My favorite on-the-go snacks

Thank you Lotus Bakeries for these delicious snacks! What are your favorite snacks for on-the-go? 

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