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It's time for the grand finale of my New York posts (and also the longest post ever). Here are the pictures I took during my last few days in the city, and it kind of gives me a heartache. I miss it so much. It has only been two months since I left New York, although it kind of feels like an eternity ago that I walked the streets of SoHo, got my coffee in Nolita and wandered around the farmers market with my roommate. This is the last part of my New York series, where I showed you the city through my eyes. 
New York High Line

On Pride day (gaypride), I planned to make a brunch for a friend. But first, coffee! I tried Oatmeals coffee because I knew they'd have Oatly milk. And it's probably the best value iced latte I had because it comes in a huuuge cup. Look how pretty they painted the pedestrian crossing! 

For brunch, I made scrambled eggs, a big fruit salad, avocado and tomato salad, and I recreated Charlie Bird's farro salad. Also clearly way too much food for two people. 

Squarespace worked together with Geronimo Balloons to create a massive balloon display which took over the whole Squarespace façade. It looked so cool!

I think I took 100 pictures (naturally)

On the 27th, we had our very last presentation at uni, which was (probably) my very last day at university ever! Can't believe that my academic career is now behind me... I had one last task to do, write the graduation speech. So I took my laptop to Madison Sq Park after uni and spend half an hour writing a couple lines. 

Love how the sky reflects off this concave building. 

To celebrate the end of our academic careers, we had lunch at Charlie Bird. I wasn't very hungry so just went for a farro salad. Still my favorite!

We wanted to go for a celebratory drink at Grand Banks but some of us are a little less resilient to swaying boats ;) so we went to City Winery instead. Both are nice bars by the water on the Westside. 

Packing packing packing... It was kind of sad to pack up my stuff. I'd spend the last days in New York at a hotel so I had to pack all my stuff before I went. It took a while! 

One of my last evening walks in the West Village, ahh! 

My roommate knows everything about nutrition, food and all the best workouts (sign up to her newsletter, it's the kind of newsletter you actually want to receive). So naturally, I had to go try a new workout with her at Project by Equinox

On my last morning in the Greenwich Village apartment with my roomie, we headed out for an early breakfast. We walked past the farmers market at Union Square around 8 AM so we couldn't help but stop and take a look at the beautiful produce. 

Our brekky spot of choice was abcV, one of New York's best vegetarian restaurants. I'd been for dinner once before, so I couldn't wait to try the breakfast options.

Sea buckthorn and mango bowl, whipped macadamia milk, amaranth and ginger granola, bananas, cape gooseberries. Kind of a slightly sour smoothie bowl with crunchy things on top. Very unusual but I liked it! 

Avocado toast, sprouts, cumin, lime. One of the prettiest and tastiest avo toasts in NY. 

My roommate had the 'gluten free almond pancakes, banana whipped cream, maple syrup'. It has a faint taste of marzipan because of the almonds so this wasn't my favorite. 

After breakfast it was time to pack up my stuff and leave our little apartment on Sullivan Street. The moment I walked into this street to view the apartment in January, I knew I wanted to live here. The colorful houses reminded me so much of Notting Hill in London, and it immediately felt right (even though the building I lived in was less charming than those houses!) Anna Wintour lives in one of these so it was fun to think that I was practically her neighbor in New York. I couldn't have asked for a better home, roommate, and neighbors during my time in NYC!

Checked into the Public Hotel for my last couple of days in New York!

While waiting for my dad to land, I went to Happy Bones for my favorite iced latte (yes, these last days were all about my favorite things... one last time hehe) and an attempt at grad speech writing. My friend Anni came by to say goodbye and for a delicious coffee (not necessarily in order of importance haha)

Once my dad arrived it was time to check-in. I like the rooms at Public, very fresh, clean, enough space and nice details. 

There's even a little blogging/working area in each room.

First things first: ice cream at Morgensterns. My dad was craving an ice cream so I took him to one of the best spots, right around the corner of the hotel. 

We went to see a (disappointing) exhibition at the New Museum, and then walked around FiDi at sunset. 

We stopped (for dinner) at Wildair to put our names down on the waiting list (trust me, it's worth it). Then we walked over to Sel Rrose for a drink. 

And because we were starving, we couldn't NOT order the truffle fries. And I'm so glad we did. They're the best truffle fries I had in 6 months. 

After that, we had a late dinner at Wildair, which I knew my dad would love. They only serve natural wines and incredible little sharing plates. 

We shared a couple plates together with a few glasses of wine. For dessert, my dad had strong cheeses and I had the tastiest dessert all for myself. This might not look like anything special, but if you're a fan of chocolate and hazelnut, you will LOVE this. I still dream about it. 

The following day was graduation day! We started with breakfast at Public, and I finished writing the graduation speech in the hotel garden. 

Ready to graduate!

This might be the New Yorkest thing I've ever seen. Two pigeons sharing a slice. 

Since we got to university a little early, we went to look around the Lincoln Center. 

And just like that, we were Masters of Science in Marketing!

After graduation, we all parted ways and I went to see the Irving Penn exhibition with my dad, for the second time. He's a genius!

Spotted this adorable little Japanese dog at the Met, which looks like it jumped right out of a painting. 

After the Met and the Met Breuer, it was time to refuel at Sant Ambroeus with a strong espresso. 

"Meet me at 2nd and 2nd" slightly envious of the people that live here ;)

We celebrated my graduation with dinner at EN Japanese. It was the first time I'd had the taste of Japan, outside Japan. This is real authentic Japanese food, so so good. 

I loved this vegetable and fruit display at EN, it reminded me of home somehow. By now I hadn't been home in 6 months, so I really felt like going back.

The following day I went for my last run along the Westside Highway. It was way too hot to run so I "showered" mid-run till my clothes were soaking wet. 

We spent the morning checking out some galleries in Chelsea, getting coffee at Intelligentsia and cooling our feet on the High Line. 

Lunch was at Rosie's, the best Mexican place Downtown, in my opinion. 

Everything at Rosie's is super duper fresh (even the tortillas are made a la minute)

After lunch, we walked uptown again and passed through the farmers market, which I had grown to love throughout the seasons (in January I was slightly disappointed to find only root vegetables here... buuut everything's from Upstate so it makes sense)

Tricolor cherries! 

We stopped for tiny chocolate babkas at Breads Bakery and concluded that next time we'd skip the sweet stuff and go straight for the baguettes. i

After all the food it was time for all the culture. First stop: Chrysler Building. 

Stop deux: Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition at the MoMa. Good but way too crowded (tip: don't go on Friday afternoon, especially because everyone gets free tickets then)

Third stop: Rockefeller Center.

I showed my dad the Rainbow Room bar in the Rockefeller Center. We had a drink and drank in the incredible view (punny)

After a quick shower at the hotel, we went for dinner at Il Buco. This place had been on my list forever so I was so happy to finally try it. It's a super cosy high-end Italian restaurant on Bond St. 

You know the meal will be good if the bread and olive oil knock you off your socks. 

I had a pasta with chanterelles (good but not exceptional) and a glass of natural wine (really good). 

Dessert was recommended by the waiter, the panna cotta with balsamic vinegar. Delicious and surprising. 

The next day we took our breakfast outside from the Louis counter at Public. I think this was the first time the girl made avocado toast because it took 15 minutes, the bread was not toasted and there was WAY too much salt. The juice and cookie were good though. 

We rented bikes and cycled to Williamsburg over the Williamsburg Bridge. We walked around a bit and checked out the view at The William Vale. 

The pool looked so very appealing on this super hot day. I risked my phone's life for this pic but it was worth it.

My dad and I dream of doing a roadtrip in an Airstream, how cool would that be?

Airstream selfie.

I hadn't been to the Brooklyn Museum so that was our next stop. It's actually a really good museum and much less crowded than most Manhattan museums. 

By 5 PM we still hadn't had lunch so we were absolutely starving. The only solution was going to Rubirosa and order way too much pizza (this wasn't actually ours, I only like the vodka pizza here!)

To recover from our food coma we had coffees at Happy Bones. 

In between rain showers, we walked around and had the most MAGICAL moment ever, at Calatrava's Oculus, with the brightest sun and raindrops falling off the building. It was one of the most beautiful moments I had in New York. 

We hurried to our hotel to watch the beautiful sunset.

Because I had pizza-guilt, I decided to check out the hotel gym. I had the place all to myself!

I skipped dinner and went straight for goodbye drinks with friends at Café Select. 

Final morning in the city!

I showed my dad the Mansur Gavriel store, one of SoHo's most beautiful shops if not the most beautiful.

I'll never tire of walking through SoHo.

We took a break with a flakey croissant and cap' at Joe coffee.

Waving goodbye to Sullivan Street. 

My last meal in New York was at El Rey, a little place I hadn't tried yet. Loved it all.

Too much luggage. 

Attempted to spend my little coins, much to my amusement and less so to the guy I gave these to. I bought a packet of chips and some M&M's, to end my time in the U.S. on a healthy note.

I always order vegan meals on long-haul flights because I find them better than the "chicken or pasta?"

Thank you New York for 6 incredible months!

I loved taking you guys on this journey with me. Props to you for reading all my ramblings and scrolling through endless pictures of New York!

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