Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas gift idea part I

When I was in Madrid, I was amazed by the shop windows of all the Loewe shops. I have never seen such artistic shop windows, literally, because each window was made to look like a still life (have a look here). It looked so cool and impressive! Here is one of them:

The second thing I noticed were these super cute animal-shaped purses that you can spot above. This year's collection at Loewe is all about the animals: there's an elephant, bears and bulls. Adorable! I had a closer look at the airport and they are so well-made and the colors are really original. I haven't even mentioned the animal shaped padlocks and the keychains. 

A great gift for any animal lover or anyone who doesn't own a coin pouch yet (it's so handy). For the good quality (they are handmade) and the cuteness they are almost reasonably priced at 195 euros. Find them here. And have a look at the Loewe shop windows if you get the chance!