Saturday, December 1, 2012

Festive room decorations

I found a great low budget and easy way of making your room/studio/apartment/house more christmassy. This post is mostly for fellow students, who might be going home for christmas but still want a festive atmosphere in their student home before heading off. 

In my opinion, festiveness can easily be achieved by two types light: fairy lights and candle light. So I went to Primark to complete my mission. For 4 pounds I managed to prepare my room for the festive season and make it cozier than ever before. I know you could decorate your room much more, but these are just the basic "necessities"

No need for christmas trees and ornaments (even though that's even lovelier). Just get 40 fairy lights - you can even get 100 or 200 - for 3 pounds and a little candle (1 pound) with a christmas scent. Oh and don't forget to turn on your christmas playlist. That's it!

How do you like to decorate your room for christmas?