Tuesday, December 4, 2012


How are my dear readers? I'm sorry for not posting so many posts but that will all be over on Thursday - hopefully - when I hand in my final assessment of the semester! Then I'll have a few days left in London before returning to Antwerp for a long winter break. I can't wait!

But that also means I'll have to enjoy London's festive vibe to the fullest the coming week. I need to go to so many more christmas markets, celebrate with my friends and do the necessary christmas shopping. I can't believe there are so many discounts/sales around this time? It seems like most shops/malls in London always have some kind of discount, it's crazy! But you don't hear me complain ;) However I'm kind of holding back the serious shopping until January sales come around or until I go to Madrid next week (so excited!), where paying a visit to my good friend Zara is on the top of my list. Okay and maybe also visit the city I've never really seen much of. And have a romantic weekend with my boyfriend 

I should really stop rambling now. How ironic is that at the very end of my day, I'm so eager to type, while I've been struggling on my essay since 9 am. Oh well, tomorrow's another day. Must. Finish. This. Essay! Can't wait to blog a lot because I have so many ideas related to Christmas. 

ps. while I was very busy writing my essay, I made myself a Tumblr where I post inspiring and beautiful photos. I'm not sure if I like it, but have a look before I change my mind!