Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Burger & Lobster, Farringdon

I've think found a new favorite. It has buttery lobster, crispy fries, frozen pints of cold cider and it's so good that it's slowly taking over London. I'm talking about Burger & Lobster. 

One branch is situated dangerously close to where I live, which might be a good thing for the people over at B&L, but it might also be less good for my health. I've gone twice, the first time was so good I forgot to take pictures but last time I went I made sure to document the amazing meal I had. Burger and Lobster is a restaurant chain which offers only three things: a whole lobster, a lobster roll or a hamburger; all for £20. I love lobster so that's all I've tried so far (and £20 for a burger is a tad overpriced). 

To start off the meal I made a habit of ordering this organic cider which comes in a tall, icy glass. It's the perfect companion for what comes next. 

The grilled lobster which comes with a small salad, fries and garlic butter sauce: divine! One side-note: next time I won't ask for the lobster to be grilled because the grilled flavor was a bit artificial the last time we had it. Nonetheless, the food is amazing! Fresh lobster, buttery sauce, crispy and warm fries and a little salad with sweet dressing: a perfectly varied and very filling meal. 
Expect to use your hands for this one! (not so first-date proof)

The atmosphere at the restaurant is really nice and laid-back. The staff is friendly and helpful and the food arrives within minutes of ordering: one of the best things about having a small menu. 

This picture turned out blurry but I wanted to show you everyone enjoying their lobsters and burgers at the bar. 
A big tip: make reservations! If you go without reservations, the waiting time can be up to two hours (!), even if you're only two people. If you like a more casual dinner and you're only two, it might be a good idea to take a seat at the bar and have your meal there. This means you don't need to wait around for a table. A bit less practical - I dropped several pieces of cutlery and I might have dropped some pieces of lobster shells, clumsy me - but a completely different experience than if you were to sit at a table. Your choice!

All-in-all: a new favorite of mine. Simple, good, fresh food which doesn't break the bank. I love it! Now I'd like to try a very similar restaurant in Chelsea called Big Easy. Can't wait to compare these two. 
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