Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum vs. Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal

I've been using the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation for about 2 years now. Last week, I ran out again, so I went to the drugstore to get a new one. But when I saw that they didn't stock it, I brought home the sister product: Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal Foundation. With almost the same name and packaging, I was curious to find out the difference between these two foundations. Which one would I prefer better?
Healthy Mix Serum gel foundation - Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal foundation
I first checked the website to find out more about the marketing promises of each product. The Serum contains litchi, goji berry and pomegranate extracts while the Radiance Reveal contains apricot, melon and apple extracts. Fruity! The latter also promises a luminous, hydrated and pretty skin for 16 hours while the Serum promises to perk up tired looking skin and a 16 hour boost. Both foundations are dermatologically tested and the Serum is hypoallergenic. So far, no huge differences. 

My trusty old Healthy Mix Serum. I continue to buy this because I like the scent and it has a semi-matte finish. 

I think I've bought about 6 bottles of this the past few years, if not more. 

The ingredients (click to enlarge):

I've used the Radiance Reveal for more than two weeks now. I immediately noticed a difference in coverage. This one has better coverage than the Serum, so I need to use much less. I also noticed a more dewy finish.

Here are the ingredients. Similar to the Serum, one of the main ingredients is dimethicone (creates a smooth look and feel), a silicone. If you prefer to avoid silicones, I would skip these foundations.   

Now, let's compare the two! Left you see the Serum (shade 51, the lightest shade) and right is the Radiance Reveal (shade 52). In summer I use one shade darker. The first thing I notice is that the Radiance Reveal has a thicker consistency while the Serum is more runny.

Shade 51 is more yellow-toned while 52 is just slightly too pink-toned for me. Radiance Reveal also gives greater coverage, however I prefer the Serum's semi-matte finish. 

Foundation coverage
Healthy Mix Serum: light-to-medium coverage
Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal: medium coverage

Foundation finish
Healthy Mix Serum: semi matte but still dewy. Lightweight feel
Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal: slightly more dewy, slightly heaver feel

Healthy Mix Serum: £10.99 for 30 ml 
Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal: £9.99 for 30 ml
I'm not sure about prices in the rest of Europe. I believe I paid around €14.

Overall opinion
I think the Serum would be more suitable for summer (lighter coverage, semi-matte) while the Radiance Reveal is better for winter because it has greater coverage. I do prefer the semi-matte finish of the Serum as well as the thinner and lighter bottle. 

I don't think I can choose! They both have their good qualities. I think I might prefer the Radiance Reveal a little more because of the coverage which means I only need to use a small pump of foundation. I would recommend the Serum if you have oily skin and the Radiance Reveal if you have normal/dry skin. I love them both!

You can get the Serum here and the Radiance Reveal here. 

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