Sunday, February 2, 2014

Granger & Co. | London

London is at its best when the sun shines. All you want to do is go outside and soak up the sunshine and London's beauty. When I woke up yesterday morning, I saw the sun peeking through my blinds and I knew it was going to be a good day. After a long but cold morning walk to Primrose Hill, I texted my Spanish amiga and we met in Notting Hill for a late brunch. 

We first made our way through the hordes of tourists on Portobello Road and had a little look at what the Saturday market had to offer. 

All we really wanted was to take this adorable husky pup home! 

This mushroom stand made me think of toast aux champignons (mouthwatering!) so we quickly headed to our brunch spot of choice to still our hunger. 

Do you remember that divine Caesar salad I had at 202 on Westbourne Grove last year? I didn't tell you then that we actually walked over to Granger & Co. but the queue was massive, so we "settled" for 202 (which I absolutely don't regret though). But Granger & Co. stayed in the back of my head so yesterday I finally finally went!

There was a queue but after about 15 min. we settled down at our little table. (queues can get super long on weekends though)

Before even sitting down I knew what to order because I had heard Bill Granger's scrambled eggs are really something; the fact that his nickname is egg master of Sydney says enough. Bill has restaurants in Australia, Japan and a little birdie told me about a second one opening in Clerkenwell soon. Londoners love brunch, especially if it's available all day!

We also ordered the ricotta hot cakes because I always had food envy when I saw Isabel's pictures. Light, fluffy not-too-sweet pancakes with a sliced banana and a big fat delicious slice of honeycomb butter melting on top. Wow... incredible.

It's like a hybrid between pancakes and french toast, except fluffier like little clouds.

About halfway through we switched plates and I finally got to try the famous scrambled eggs. The full Aussie is no joke, it's a seriously big breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, sourdough toast with butter, roast tomatoes sprinkled with cumin, plump little miso chestnut mushrooms and mini chipolatas. There's not one thing on this plate which didn't taste delicious!

Oh those scrambled eggs. Creamy, fluffy and soft.. the best scrambled eggs I've ever tried.

After finishing those massive portions we nearly fell asleep but after lingering a bit we managed to waddle (haha!) our way out of the restaurant. Food baby!

The sun was still out as we made our way back home. The perfect Saturday spent enjoying some of the lovely things London has to offer. 

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