Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My top 10 health & fitness instagram accounts

You might have noticed that there are so many instagram accounts all dedicated to healthy food and/or fitness. But which ones are actually worth following? I follow a lot of them but I've made a selection of my 10 favourite accounts. If you want a little food, fitness or health inspiration, you might like some of the following accounts. Oh and if you want some inspiration from your truly, you can follow me on instagram as well!
Isabella - funfreshandhealthy
Very tasty looking dishes, breakfast bowls and yoga pics. Very beautiful and inspiring!

Amber - Rawveganblonde
Amber's fruit and vegetable creations always blow me away. I don't know how she does it, and what she does with all the fruit and vegetables afterwards, but these images deserve to be framed!

Mathilda - Bodyinstyle
Mathilda always posts really great photos, I only wish she updated more often. Her body is amazing and her food pictures are always colourful and delicious-looking. 

Gisele - Gigigisele
Gisele shows us what she eats throughout the day and definitely gives me some meal and snack-time inspiration!

Aranka & Chris - fitgirlcode
These two Dutch girls started a healthier lifestyle together and are sharing this on their blog and instagram. This month they are doing a planking challenge (planking every day, no excuses) and are motivating others to join them. I broke my personal planking record yesterday (4.30!) and these girls motivate me to keep going, I mean look at those abs!

Jenny - Healthyfans
Another (half Brazilian) Dutch girl who posts a lot of pictures of smoothies she makes and the exercise she does. She only just started her own blog so check that out too!

Jen Selter - Jenselter
If you ever get tired of doing squats and  lunges, take a look at Jen's instagram. Her legs (uhm, butt) are the perfect motivation! You'll be doing lots more squats after seeing her pictures ;)

Joana - Feltbyheart
Joana pretty much lives of fruit which results in incredible images of the best fruit combinations. I get to envious of all the delicious fruit bowls/plates/smoothies she makes! 

Cenna - Censkiii
In need for serieus work-out inspiration? Cenna is a true gym junkie who posts pictures and videos of her work-outs. Add some inspiring quotes and killer abs to that and you've got the perfect reason to work out today.

Alexandra - Alexandrabring
Alexandra is my number one fitness inspiration. She's living proof that very hard work and dedication can get you anywhere you want. She sometimes shows some of her exercises in instavideos which are really useful. I also really like her blog for extra tips!

So this is my top 10! Please share with me your favourite health/food/fitness instagram accounts!

Last but not least I've put together a little collage of some fun sarcasm images related to health and fitness. I love these type of images that go around instagram, they always make me laugh. You can follow this account for more of these types of e-cards. 

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