Monday, January 5, 2015

Mazi Notting Hill | London

During my last trip to London, I didn't try out that many new restaurants because I went back to some old favourites. But there's one place that was completely new to me, which a friend had recommended. Mazi is a tiny Greek restaurant located in a charming small street in Notting Hill. I rarely eat Greek food so I was curious what this place had to offer. 

The menu is simple and filled with sharing dishes. It's a mixture of classic Greek dishes and Mazi's own take on Greek food. We ordered Oat Smoked Mackarel with quinoa and rocket and the Greek salad to start. The Greek salad was one of my favourite dishes.

Courgette cakes with cucumber and mint dip. I didn't think these were any special. Better make your own!

The Tzaziki was delicious

Savoy cabbage Dolmades in a "no egg" and lemon sauce

Grilled octopus, garden herb potato salad, olive tapenade. The octopus was really tender and perfectly grilled.

Fresh calamari in rocket pesto riceless risotto. This dish was good but very strange at the same time. We couldn't agree what the riceless risotto was made of, but I think it was made of tiny bits of calamari because it has a chewy texture. 

Last but not least we also had the lamb shank. I don't eat lamb, but my brother said it was very good. 

So all in all the food was really tasty and had some really interesting flavour combinations. But the portions were all on the small side, and just not enough if you're sharing between five people. Also considering the size of the dishes, the prices are quite high. The food is high quality and delicious, but overpriced in my opinion. I think you can get equal or better value elsewhere in London for less money. I'd say Mazi is probably a good place for a date, but for a bigger group of people you're better off at another place. Nonetheless if you like Greek food, you should definitely try out this place, I don't think there's many good Greeks in London! (info here)

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