Monday, February 9, 2015

11 signs you're a foodie

Everyone loves food, but some like it a liittle more than others: the foodies. I've put together a list of things which food lovers do. If you can agree with more than 7 out of 11, you can crown yourself a true foodie.

You know you're a real foodie when...

1. You have to take at least 3 pictures of every coffee/food plate/cookie stand (anything food-related) you come across, preferably trying several angles and filters. 

2. You plan and look forward to breakfast when you're in bed at night (banana pancakes, raspberry oats or rice crackers with banana?)

3. You get excited when you enter a supermarket in a foreign country. You could spend hours looking at the "new" foods.

4. Your fridge and cupboards are too full because once again you got overexcited during food shopping, and got way more things than you actually needed. 

5. When visiting a new city, you don't look up the best shops or museums. You look up the best places to eat. And if you read about a nice place in another city, it's a valid reason to visit that city. And if you see that you missed out on a good place during your visit, you're disappointed.

6. Your friends ask you for the best place for brunch, the newest hotspot or the most date-appropriate restaurant. 

7. You have a "To-Eat" list on your phone of places you still want to try out. 

8. You make an effort to make your home-made meals looks that little extra photogenic; even if that means cleaning more plates, letting your meal get cold, or spilling on your bedsheets because you wanted a white background. 

9. The ratio of your Instagram feed is 80% food, 20% the rest.

10. When a friend or family member comes to visit you for a weekend, it's always more about the food than anything else (and they never mind though, haha!)

11. You have more cookbooks and recipes than you could actually ever use/need.

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