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March in pictures

March was a busy and a very fun month. I traveled to India for a wedding, had long and cosy nights with friends, ate a lot of good food and had kickass workouts at the gym. Of course there were also some less fun things, like getting sick and losing things I really shouldn't lose. Even though it still felt like proper winter in Munich in March, there were some nice spring days. I can't wait for spring and I hope April will be a beautiful month as well!

Theresa is one of the coolest stores in Munich, it's just like heaven. The shop windows are looking particularly good thanks to Dries Van Noten // I've been loving my new kicks, which finally arrived after going back and forth to Nike. 

Munich's weather is a little extreme. One moment there is bright sunshine and the next there's hail, snow and rain all at once. In this photo I just survived a storm after working out // when it rains, there's lots of umbrellas at the entrance of our office

I recreated a dessert I had at Cochinchina, but used chia pudding instead of tapioca. It's super delicious and easy, one of my new breakfast favourites. Recipe coming soon // impressive skies in Munich 

Every time I pass by Maelu, I see the most amazing pastries. I really need to try this soon! // I love the ceiling at Fünf Höfe (this is a shopping passage in Munich centre)

Manufactum's walnut bread is amazing, I'll repeat it again and again! Just look at how many walnuts are inside! // spotted these cute Easter bunnies inside Manufactum

Beautiful sunset on Hotel Bayerischer Hof // at Viktualienmarkt, spotting all kinds of tropical fruit I've never heard of

Then it was time for me to fly to India all by myself! I've flown alone quite often but never this long. It was 6 hours to Abu Dhabi and three more hours to Mumbai. Quite boring but I entertained myself with Vogue, music and lots of movies. The fact that I had the flu and painful ears didn't make the flight easier, but of course it was SO worth it!

Touchdown in Mumbai, late Saturday afternoon. I flew overnight but slept very little so I couldn't be happier to arrive in hot Mumbai at last! After a shower I felt like a new person! The first thing I ate was mango of course :) Indian mangoes are the best in the world!

I came to Mumbai to attend an Indian wedding, which took place over 4 days. Every event was more impressive than the other, and every detail blew me away. The event in the photos above was the groom's Sangeet, which took place in the majestic Palladium hotel. The walls were covered with Tuberose which smelled incredible, there were Indian dances, a huge buffet and lots of dancing afterwards. Such a fun night! 

I loved the flowers at the Palladium // we ordered this midnight snack at Trattoria, which is THE spot for midnight snacks in Mumbai  because it's open 24 hours. This Fiamma pizza was so tasty and it's the ultimate pizza according to my Indian friends. 

Mumbai is a very tropical city, with beautiful trees and of course crazy temperatures. It was around 36 degrees when we were there. // we spent most of our days sleeping in (every night was another party), swimming in the pool and then getting ready for the next event

Just a few of the thousands of roses that made up a huge flower wall // Mumbai by day, and I you look closely enough you can see the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai's famous railway station (you might know it from the movie Slumdog Millionaire)

More flowers! I was in awe all the time, though this is completely normal at Indian weddings // This event was the Mala - Mehndi - Sangeet of the bride. Mehndi, also known as Henna, is an Indian tradition which I love and looked forward to a lot!

I just got the henna done of the inside of my palms. Two ladies were drawing the coolest designs on my hands at the same time, and it just feels so relaxing. I let it dry for almost an hour, and then rubbed it off. I was left with a bright orange pattern, which turned dark brown overnight

We could get our hair done for every event, and since I failed at doing my hair before the Mehndi, I asked the lady to do it for me. She did this up-do in 10 minutes, I need to learn how to braid my hair! // here you can see my friend's henna

I included this to show you how dark it became, crazy! // after a nice workout in the huge hotel gym, we had a super tasty lunch at Indigo Deli. Fresh juices and eggs is all I need after a workout!

One event took place at the Intercontinental Hotel, which has a cool view and a super nice pool! 

This night was for the "young" people only, so it was a little extra funny! // the bar had a fun motto in the back

Recovering at the pool with a fresh coconut, the dream! // palm trees always make me happy :)

On Wednesday it was time for the wedding ceremony, so beautiful to see how the bride and groom follow different steps before they become husband and wife. (I'm not showing their pictures for privacy reasons) This whole wedding was incredible and I'm so happy I got to experience this! // some of the best ice cream ever, from Naturals. I ate this in 2010 and wanted to try it again ever since. The roasted almond ice cream is to die for!

Time to head back to Munich after an intense 5 days. Iced coffee before leaving the Indian heat behind me // this snack is pretty tasty but so hard to eat, so we spooned it out of the bag

I didn't bring much home from India, but there's one thing I HAD TO bring home: mangoes. But I didn't have time to eat one because I had to shower and get to work // I didn't sleep on my overnight flight because of turbulence and a sick lady, so Friday at work was all about staying awake and lots of coffee

Though I didn't have a jetlag, I did miss the nice weather in India. From 37 degrees to 2 in Munich is a bit of a shock, to say the least // we got a nice juice delivery from Antidote at work, AND someone brought many tulips. My day was definitely brightened! 

 Foam rolling is still part of my workout routine, it helps a lot with muscle soreness // I had a session with a personal trainer, where I did a few tests and learned some new exercises. Happy to give my routine an update!

Coffee at Kochspielhaus, cosy place with huge pieces of cake and pie // favourite snack of the moment: rye bread with cottage cheese, cucumber, radishes, parsley and olive oil

Though I love these Raw Bites, the 400 calories per bar don't make me very happy // cute bunnies!

work-lunch date in the sun with two friends, I love Pho! // my face was freezing off while biking, the only solution is to look like a robber ;)

loving Rosie lately, she's so gorgeous in every shoot // "Let the sun shine!"

On the hunt for the perfect boyfriend jeans, these from Zara didn't make the cut.

Tried this cool looking coffee place called Mahlefitz which is also a supplier of many other places // we got the tiniest cappuccinos ever, and though it was cute, the coffee wasn't to my taste at all and also expensive! Not a fan unfortunately 

This Roo'Bar is one of the best 'healthy' bars I've tried, mulberry & vanilla. // a little post-workout snack: quark mixed with chocolate whey protein, tastes like chocolate mousse!

Magazine shopping on a Saturday // another Saturday ritual, flower shopping at Viktualienmarkt. I also got a few new vases at Depot. 

One Sunday was a bit of a sad one. I lost my bike keys somewhere while going out Saturday. On Sunday I checked all the bars and places we had been, but no luck. I use my bike to go literally everywhere, so this wasn't very convenient. I cheered myself up with a nice lunch and a relaxing yoga class in the afternoon.

Luckily there was an extra key back home in Belgium, so after a few days I had my best buddy back! // looking red after a good workout

I attended and worked at a fun party for the launch of Stylight's magazine, fun night! // I'd have fresh juices over vodka any day, so these tiny Frank juice bottles were just the dream for me.

The party was on a Thursday, so you might understand that Friday was tough (less than 7 hours of sleep and I just can't function normally anymore). This Frank beetroot juice is my favourite and was just what I needed // no party for me on Friday, so I decided to watch 50 Shades of Grey. So bad and awkward so I wasn't paying attention half of the time. 

 I love the architecture in Munich // trying new coffee places with my bestie. This was at Man Versus Machine. Though it's quite hipster, the coffee was really good!

Sunday coffee & brunch at Aroma Kaffeebar. I went for the same formula as last time, a large cappuccino and a salmon bagel. Such a cosy place and I love the food.

Saturday dinner at Occam Deli, really special dishes and a nice atmosphere // spring flowers, so cute

We checked out the surfers, so strange to see this in a city and it looks difficult too! // my friend celebrated her birthday with a cosy night at Theresa, where we had lots of burgers (this was half the order) and failed at throwing a strike on the kegelbahn

Cute bunnies at the gym // happy with my power smoothie after my workout, I added some extra whey protein this time

waking up on April Fool's with snow, I thought it was a joke!? Still not used to Munich weather. // my mood that day.. went straight to bed after work, hiding from the horrible winter storm. Spring we're ready for you now!

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