Thursday, May 7, 2015

April in pictures

April passed even quicker than January, February and March combined. But hello May! We're already on week into May so let's quickly look back at what I did (and mostly ate) in April. 

Smoothie bowl breakfast with berries and my morning is off to a good start! // beautiful Siegestor gate on a sunny Saturday

hanging out with my friend Isabel in the sun with coffee! Love her shoes and I need to get myself a pair (when they're not sold out!) // sunny day, we sat on the steps of this building and watched people & cars 

Easter bunny hunt at work.. I think we won;) Lindt is my favourite chocolate // I went back to Belgium for Easter and arrived late at night. Look what I found in my bed, so cute!

spotted Gigi's Vogue cover at the airport, and now I regret not buying this one. She's one of my favourite models at the moment // love the Aeroccino we have at home, makes the perfect foamy cappuccinos 

being home means spending time with my loved ones, picking flowers and finally cuddling with the three cats and dog! 

Easter Sunday breakfast was perfect. I made Italian cappuccinos, brought sourdough bread from Munich, and ate it with Belgian chocolate eggs and poached eggs with salmon and avocado. Perfection! // I also took care of the flowers on the Easter table, all from the garden

I jokingly said to my parents that I really wanted to be woken up with coffee, so I got spoiled by both of them several times while I was at home, felt like a princess haha // more flower picking 

The cat seemed interested in my salad, until he realised it was only greens and veggies // made broccoli soup at home, very tasty

 the perfect car snack, no crumbs and good for you too // spotted these gorgeous coloured Prada wallets

met up with some friends and sat for hours and hours at Barnini, catching up on the last 6 months since we'd seen each other. And after this we were all off to different countries again :( // walked around in Antwerp after lunch and saw that we have a Mary chocolatier here now (it's a Brussels brand). Not like we needed another chocolate shop but I'm still happy! The more the better? 

Catching up on Vogue Netherlands, still my favourite Vogue // Beautiful Antwerp

randomly ran 13 km // had the first BBQ of the year with tons of tasty things

Time to fly home again, time passes too quickly // spring is the best season when it comes to flowers, can it be like this all year? 

Lunch at Occam Deli 

Gorgeous Magnolias on Kaiserstra├če // Mega huge pretzels at Seehaus beer garden, the nicest beer garden I've been so far since it's right in the middle of the English Garden and at the water 

Spent a sunny afternoon at the Blue Spa at Bayerischer Hof, they have the best pool with open roof and terrace with sun from midday until the evening 

Tasty breakfast // the English Garden, super busy when it's sunny but so nice!

Tried on the Apple Watch Edition, just to see what it's like. This one costs more than €12.000, crazy! // I made "pasta" from courgette and sweet potato with mushrooms, so tasty

Work lunches aren't always boring leftovers and homemade salads. One the left you see the halloumi salad from Dean & David and on the right is Pho

Starters at Schmock, a very good Jewish (not koscher) restaurant in Munich // random cute crab

we woke up way too early on a Saturday to get some bargains at the flea market, but we weren't the only ones! This was one of the biggest flea markets in Germany I believe, absolutely huge I think we saw 1/10 of it // big buckets full of glitter. Naturally we took a handful and blew it at each other's faces so we were covered in glitter the rest of the day 

Love looking around Kochhaus // bought myself the softest cosiest sweater ever from Anecdote

elevator selfie before work // fresh flowers and preparations for a girls' night out

very tasty sushi from Bento Ya, one of my favourite sushi places in the city // beautiful sky on my way to the gym

Iced VOSS water infused with fruit, super refreshing // one of my best friends always makes the most incredible looking smoothies! She sends recipes on Snapchat but also recently started her own Instagram account, check it out

Lunch in the sun at Yam Vegan Deli // Iced lattes are always a good idea

Buying my weekly walnut loaf at Manufactum. // Friday night dinner with friends at Seerose, you can't go wrong with truffle 

Zara Home had 20% off the whole store so I bought some cool glasses and bowls // all black everything is still my favourite kind of outfit

Buying fresh flowers at the market // Viktualienmarkt is expensive so I only really buy flowers there, but if I had the money I'd literally buy everything here

Love the shop window of Valentino at the moment // Munich is full of nice oldtimers, this MG is so nice, I want it!

Coffee at one of my favourite spots, Stereo Cafe // Gartnerplatz is one of my favourite squares in Munich because of the flowers, the shops and the restaurants

Watched my first live football game ever at Allianz Arena, crazy big and so many people // after a long and slightly boring game, Bayern finally scored!

While my laundry was being washed, I went for a 1 hour bike ride in the English Garden, so nice that you can bike anywhere in this park, unlike London parks

Ice cream from Ballabeni is the best in Munich // Shameless selfie

flowers make me happy, always have always will // the HR team at work organised an amazing team breakfast one morning at work. Everyone brought something and it was super good, had a foodbaby when I started working. 

I'm still using the foam roller several times a week at the gym. I recently started to 'roll' my back as well and it always cracks so much but it really feels amazing afterwards. Foam rollers are totally worth the 'hype' // post-workout endorphins and happiness. I always feel so good after a workout!

went to Kalypso in Schwabing for a cosy Greek dinner. Since it's full every night I had high expectations for the food, but it was just average Greek food, nothing amazing. The service was also 'meh'. The atmosphere on the other hand was really good! Maybe a nice place just for a drink?

Got some Nike compression socks, to see if it would make any different to my workouts. Also because I think it looks cool ;) these are not my workout shoes btw, this is just after my workout // I've been going to the gym quite late recently and it's so nice because there's almost no one there

eating mangos on Kingsday! // there was a good Nike and Stella Sport sale on at Oberpollinger Sport, and I ended up buying... nothing! I've been more picky with shopping recently so instead I ordered some sportswear from Lululemon, which will arrive in a week's time, can't wait!

So now I have a question for you. These monthly review posts are quite popular, but they are very long sometimes. Would you prefer it if I did this once a week or once every two weeks or just keep it as a monthly thing? Let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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