Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sushi Plus | Munich

There's definitely no shortage of good food in Munich, however the sushi-scene isn't as big here yet, so the amount of good sushi places is quite small (or so I've heard from the locals). I haven't tried that many sushi places here but I'm always in for some quick and tasty take-away as a treat after a long workday. So when I saw that Sushi Plus had opened this week just around the corner from where I live, I had to give it a try right away. 
Sushi Plus, Schellingstraße München
If I'm correct, Sushi Plus used to be located on Dachauerstraße, and they either moved to Schellingstraße or they opened a second shop. However it's so new that I didn't manage to find any info about it online yet.. You can only get take-away here or - even better - sushi delivery. Prices are average, I got 12 rolls for around 10 euros. If the quality is good, I'm definitely willing to pay that price.
Sushi Plus, Schellingstraße München

The sushi was prepared within a few minutes, so I was more than skeptical about the freshness and quality of the sushi. But after trying my first piece, I was really pleasantly surprised. The fish tastes very fresh, the rice is perfectly cooked and it's simply good sushi. I must note that the wasabi was very sharp which is good because sometimes you get very 'weak' wasabi which is not what I want at all! 
Sushi Plus, Schellingstraße München

Sushi Plus, Schellingstraße München

All in all, I have only good things to say about Sushi Plus. It's quick, not too pricey and very tasty. All you need in a good sushi take-away/delivery! I will be back here, especially since I live dangerously close by. 

I believe the address is Schellingstraße 99, right opposite Tengelmann, you can't really miss it. You can give them a call or even order online, or go and order these if you live in the area. - more info here -

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