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Homemade Açaí bowl recipe

Açaí bowls are hot (not literally.. hehe) If you haven't noticed, take a look at some food accounts on Instagram, they are filled with the most colourful açaí bowls. Or look up the hashtag #acaibowl, even better! Açaí berries are small berries native to Brazil, which have been hyped for their array of health benefits. They are high in antioxidants, provide an energy boost and leave you full for hours. And açaí bowls are super tasty because it pretty much feels like you're eating ice cream first thing in the morning. And who'd say no to that? 
 Açaí bowl recipe

I've been making my breakfast smoothie bowls for a few years now, but only recently started to use açaí powder and frozen pulp because I was curious about it. I don't notice any direct health benefits (I don't believe that one single product will make you healthy, because in the end it's the sum of everything you consume which will affect you), but I do notice that adding açaí to my breakfast makes me feel full for much longer. After a bowl like this, you won't be hungry for hours! 
 Açaí bowl recipe

 Açaí bowl recipe

Açaí bowls are really easy to make and quick, depending on how much time you want to take to add the toppings.. and take pictures for Instagram (because let's be honest)

- 50 grams of frozen açaí or 2 tablespoons of açaí powder (you can use more but I like this amount)
- 1 cup of frozen fruit, I always use a mix of frozen raspberries (for a tang) and strawberries (for sweetness), blueberries and mango are also great
- 1 frozen banana, chopped up and frozen beforehand
- a dash of water or (almond) milk
-  Toppings e.g. fruit, coconut chips, puffed quinoa, bee pollen, cacao nibs, nut butter (almond and peanut are the best), homemade granola, chia seeds, goji berries, etc.

Mix the berries, açaí, banana and add a small amount of water or (almond) milk. You can also use a kitchen processor. Don't add too much because the consistency needs to be like ice cream or sorbet. Keep blending and make sure it's smooth but not runny. Add more frozen fruit if it gets too runny. 

Pour the açaí smoothie-icecream (whatever you want to call it) into a nice bowl and then it's time for the fun part. You can either throw in all the toppings (I do this most mornings.. lack of time!) or you can take your time to create a beautiful bowl. You can find tons of great examples on Instagram, so you can actually make your breakfast look like a real feast. Enjoy!

 Açaí bowl recipe

 Açaí bowl recipe

Have you tried making this?

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