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8 food trends for 2016

I read Metro - free newspaper - pretty much every time I take the train. So this week, I read a fun little article about the new superfood predictions for 2016. Because I liked the idea and thought I could add some more things to the list, I decided to make a list with 8 food things which will be trendy in 2016. I mostly looked at the 'healthy' food trends since I'm familiar with those! 
Healthy food trends for 2016

1. Avocado oil 
Move over olive oil & coconut oil, avocado is the new thing. We all love avocados and know that they're a super good source of 'healthy' fats, but did you know that avocado oil itself is amazing for cooking? Similarly to coconut oil, avocado oil has a very high smoke point which makes it perfect for cooking. It also contains more vitamins and antioxidants than extra virgin olive oil. Ever since I found avocado oil in Munich I've been a big fan! 

2. Dairy-free milks & homemade milks
In 2015, there was a lot of debate about cows milk in the media. And regardless of the fact that it's potentially good/bad for humans, the demand for alternatives will continue to grow, for various reasons. Nowadays you see at least 3 different kinds of plant-based milk (nut, rice, oat, soy...) in supermarkets which is something I couldn't even imagine 10 years ago. The offer of plant-based milks will only grow, and more people will also start to make their own nut milks at home. I often make cashew or oat milk and love it! 

3. Homemade & hipster coffee
Homemade coffee is the way to go, preferably using old-fashioned tools such as a French press or a Moka. And if you're not at home, skip the Starbucks "coffee" and go for the independent coffee places, which usually have complicated terms like aeropress, siphon brew, pour-over and cold brew on the menu. Once you've had a few great cups of coffee, that's all you'll want (flat whites ). Coffee was BIG in 2015 but in 2016 we'll only see the obsession with coffee grow even more. (or at least my obsession will grow haha!) 

4. Homemade smoothie bowls, Açaí bowls & nicecream
Although many hip breakfast places have these kinds of breakfast ice cream on the menu, we'll be making these delicious and colourful bowls at home more often. It's cheaper and tastier, and so easy to make. Throw some frozen banana & berries together, add a scoop of Açaí powder/puree and top with all the toppings you fancy. Nicecream is healthy ice cream made of blended frozen bananas, so yum! These kinds of 'ice cream' taste indulgent and they're healthy too; win-win.

5. Kimchi, Miso & other fermented foods 
Although I felt like miso & kimchi were really popular in London, I don't feel like this trend made it across the pond just yet. Miso is a paste made of fermented soybeans and it's commonly used for miso soup, but also perfect for marinades, sauces and dressings. Kimchi is fermented spicy cabbage and a bit of a love or hate thing. I love them both! Fermented foods are healthy because they have probiotics and other bacteria which are super good for digestion. 

6. Puffed grains
I discovered this "new" thing in Munich at my favourite health store Alnatura: puffed quinoa, amaranth and spelt. It's kind of like puffed rice (in rice cakes) and they make the perfect toppings for yoghurt, smoothies and other breakfast foods. Coming to a supermarket near you, soon ;) (I hope!)

7. Plant-based & vegan
I'm convinced that 2016 is the year a lot more people begin to realise that meat & dairy are no longer a must in our diets. Sure, it's tasty and not necessarily harmful for us, but it's not as necessary as we've been taught all our lives. I think more people will stop eating meat & fish on a daily basis and start experimenting with alternatives. I also think that documentaries such as Cowspiracy will make people more conscious eaters and make them think about the consequences of their food consumption. I've already made the first steps, and I'm sure I won't be the last!

8. Pulses & plant protein 
Since we'll be making a bit of a switch to a more plant-based diet in 2016, we'll also need to find alternative protein sources. Chickpeas, lentils, azuki beans, kidney beans and peas are all good sources of plant-protein and they're easy to add to any lunch or dinner. Even chickpea flour has been making more appearances recently. In soups, stews, salads or sides; pulses are super versatile and we'll be seeing them a lot more often in recipes. 

These are just a few of the trends for 2016 I can think of. Of course I can only speak for Belgium/Netherlands; I'm sure it's different in other countries. I'm curious if they'll actually become trends but we'll see! Generally, I think people will experiment much more with homemade food since the 'unprocessed food' seems to be an ongoing trend. The health-hype is definitely still going strong! What do you think? Did I miss out on any trends for the year?

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