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Annemerel’s tips for running abroad | Live Love Run

Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about Annemerel’s book Live Love Run. Since there are probably a lot of reviews out there already, I decided to not “review” the book but instead tell you about my favourite chapter about running abroad. I don't often run when I'm on holiday, but the runs I did in Japan and Buenos Aires are some of my best running memories so from now on I'll try to pack my running shoes more often. The book is only available in Dutch for now (Annemerel, you know who to call for translations ;) ) so I’ll share some of her tips for running abroad in this post! 
Annemerel Live Love Run

If you don’t know Annemerel, here’s a quick intro. She’s a beautiful Dutch, blonde, 20-something girl who has two big passions: writing and running. Her personal blog is very approachable, easy to read and above all, very inspiring when it comes to running. So when she texted me somewhere last year that she had just signed a book deal, I kind of hoped it would be about running.

Annemerel Live Love Run
Who can spot my make-up less morning face somewhere in there?
Annemerel is basically the running queen of the Netherlands, she’s been through ups and downs with running but never really quits. Her love and enthusiasm for running is really contagious, which is why she’s the perfect person to write a book about this love/hate sport. I don’t want to reveal too much, so I’ll tell you a bit more about one of my favourite chapters in the book, which is about running abroad / when on holiday. 

Annemerel Live Love Run

There are plenty of reasons why you should run abroad/on holiday. You can see a lot more of the city, even if you have a tight schedule. And just for a little while, you actually feel like you're one of the locals, just going for a run. If you're generally an active person, taking your running shoes with you on holiday means you don't need to skip workouts while you're away. Last but not least, running is free and you can do it almost anywhere. 

Annemerel's tips for running abroad
1. Choose a nice route. Check Google Maps before you go running, maybe choose a route which passes by landmarks or other nice sights. 
2. Charge your phone. Without a phone you won't get anywhere. It's your navigation, help line and probably also your source of music and camera. 
3. Have a good camera with you. Check the previous point, your phone can probably take some good photos. Take pics of landmarks and the beautiful sights, now the perfect opportunity for that perfect Instagram snap.
4. Don’t forget your ID, Insurance pass and some money. In case of emergency it's always best to have some form of ID (or a copy of your passport) with you. It would be irresponsible not to! Money or a bank card always comes in handy in case you get really thirsty or need to take public transport for some reason. 
5. Be careful with your music. You're in an unfamiliar environment, so you need to be extra careful. Put the volume less loud than you're used to or just listen to music in one ear. 

Annemerel Live Love Run
OMG who can spot my name in here? I don't know what I did to deserve it but how sweet is that?
The rest of the book is also filled with good tips, personal anecdotes (probably my favourite part) and advice. It's a very complete and extensive running guide, especially great for beginners. But even if you've been in the running-game for a while, it's a nice and easy read. I can highly recommend it for all runners or people who are thinking of becoming a runner ;) You'll definitely feel like running after reading this!

Annemerel Live Love Run

Annemerel Live Love Run

Annemerel Live Love Run

Now all I need to do is follow all of Annemerel's advice and finally train for a half marathon, my next running goal. For now I'll be packing my shoes for some running abroad, I can't really go wrong now!

- Find the book here 

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