Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lantana Café | London

Since I'm going to London this week for a visit to my second home, I thought I'd do a London-flavoured post about one of the best things to do in the city on a Sunday: brunch. What else? I visited this cute little place called Lantana last November, and I totally forgot to share this one with you. It's less known than the really popular brunch places like The Breakfast Club and Granger & Co., but that definitely doesn't mean it's less good. Lantana knows how to serve a killer Aussie brunch! (and now that I've been to Australia, I can definitely confirm it;) )
Lantana Café | London

Lantana is a small place, located in an even smaller street (somewhere behind Roka in Fitzrovia, for the locals). There's always a queue on weekends but if you're lucky you'll only have to wait 5-10 minutes. It's not a place for big groups, so only bring along your best brunch mate or an early-bird friend.

The menu is short but sweet and while you're checking the options you'll get a delicious flat white within minutes if you ask nicely.

Lantana Café | London

My brother went for a typical Australian breakfast, with enough greens to make up for the pile of bacon & eggs...

Lantana Café | London

I opted for the poached eggs on avo toast with beetroot smoked salmon. Really delicious and very avocado-ey (new word hah!)

If you're tired of the typical brunch places in London and their endless queues, I'd suggest trying Lantana for a change! The atmosphere is really relaxed thanks to the lovely Aussie staff working here. The service is super quick and friendly, the coffee is strong and the food is fresh. What's not to love?

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