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October in pictures

October was all about lots of uni assignments, the first cold days of the year, a couple of parties and some hotspot testing in Antwerp. I tried a lot of new places this month so this post has kind of turned into a little Antwerp hotspot guide, perfect for those who are planning on going soon! There are less photos than usual because I was at university every day and working on a lot of assignments so I didn't take any pictures of that. Next month's post will be more exciting, I have three trips planned so I'll be taking lots of pictures!

The first Açaí bar opened in Antwerp and it's super cute! I just saw that they're creating a new menu for the winter so I can't wait to see what they have in store. 

Had dinner at Bianco y Nero in Antwerp which was really delicious: porchini ravioli. Unfortunately the service was super slow so we ate too many grissini and bread baskets before the food finally arrived. // Went out afterwards and somehow it ended up being quite late. SO happy to see my bed at this point.

I think I've found Antwerp's nicest hairdresser. I've walked past it a few times and it just looks so cool! // Lunch time with my sister at Tartine. Although the service can be a little slow sometimes, the staff is super friendly and the tartines are always tasty. Great little lunch spot in Antwerp :)

I haven't been very inspired to cook at my studio in Antwerp since the kitchen is shared so I improvise quite a lot. On the left you see a big spicy noodle soup with vegetables and on the right a pita with vegan pita "meat" (from De Vegetarische Slager, very tasty) with avocado, red pepper and lots of coriander.

Crisp and sunny days, we were pretty lucky with the weather last month! // Getting ready to see the one and only Justin Bieber. I'm not a huge fan but thought it would be fun to see him perform.

Unfortunately I wasn't very impressed with JB's concert. It seemed like he couldn't care less about his performance, and he only sang a couple of songs live even though he actually sings really well. I've been to better concerts. // On the other hand, I got really excited about the rumor that Daft Punk might do a tour next year. I've been wanting to see them for about 10 years I think, so I hope it's not a false rumor!

Ordered these Superstars from the Asos sale. I saw them the other day at & Other Stories for 50 euros more, I love those moments when you've made a good bargain. // Although it's harder to motivate myself to work out now that it's cold and dark by the time I get home from uni, I still try to go 2-3 times a week. Usually boxing!

Barchel was one of this month's best discoveries. If you're looking for the best brunch in Antwerp look no furhter, Barchel's got it. // I love living in Zuid, the nicest area in Antwerp if you ask me. The sunset at Marnixplaats is one of my favourite views.

The main reason why I love autumn: nuts! Chestnuts in particular. Random fact: roasted chestnuts might is my favourite food in the world. // Autumn also means it's time to pick apples to make apple juice. This only comes from 4 trees, crazy!

I discovered Butcher's Coffee at the beginning of this month, and I've already been back lots of times. It's a new coffee place and it's by far the best coffee I've had in Antwerp. 

I've been on two runs so far in Antwerp, but it's not really the best city for running, especially longer distances (I also don't know the routes so well). The view on the Schelde was a nice treat though! // Sunny Antwerp <3

Oatly is our favourite milk at home but you can't buy it everywhere, so every time we go to the supermarket we buy their whole supply basically. // I'm always racing around town on my bike so I hardly go anywhere by foot, but on a nice day I went out (I was inside studying all day), grabbed a coffee at Butcher's and walked around the city. So nice and relaxing.

Another new place that opened which I LOVE is Barbossa, a cocktail bar at the Mechelseplein. I've been here three times now for drinks and some nibbles (yummy bread with tapenades, olives, cheese, grissini etc. they cater to veggies as well). I highly recommend this place!

Antwerp's most popular new hotspot must be Mercado, the indoor food market which you might have read about here. My favourite was this sour gin-based cocktail, the fresh juices...

.... and the falafel from Yalla Yalla as well as the super crunchy fries from Free Bird! It's still quite busy on the weekends so I'd recommend going to Mercado on a week day.

Biba has been much nicer to me lately. She's not the easiest cat, and really chooses the people she's nice to. Glad she's finally "accepting" me after 6 years haha! // The dahlias are still going strong. I always bring some back to my place in Antwerp so I have fresh flowers all week.

A random homemade meal: bulgur with a shii-take mushroom soy cream sauce, avocado, lots of parlsey and vegan mayonese. Might sound strange but it was delicious! // There's a frituur right outside my building which is very dangerous, especially now that I've tasted how good these fries are. It's the cheapest meal you can get in Belgium, I think paid a little over €2.

I always obsess over dogs that remind me of mine, especially when I'm not at home. I met this cutie outside the grocery shop:) // I'm not really impressed with Zara lately, especially because the quality seemed to have worsened. I liked this top but it was already falling apart in some places... 

My classmates and I went on a two-day seminar to a place in Holland. We were responsible for providing our own food, which was fun! I tried making "avocado roses" for the first time and it's actually really easy. I need some more practice though. // For dinner we prepared a Mexican feast with lots of veggies and guacamole!

I had an exam on Monday but also planned to go to Martin Garrix at the Amsterdam Dance Event on Friday.. Work hard play hard ;) I tried Vers, also a new spot in Zuid. They make delicious things so I must go back to try some of it. It's quite expensive though so I'll see if it's really worth it.

The event was way bigger than last year but also really well organised, much less waiting and more space. // Met up with Annemerel and Roosmarijn, who were also there last year. We're pretty devoted fans as you can tell!

It was so good again! Near the second part we got to the very front of the crowd which was very busy, loud but really fun. I was jumping non-stop for 3 hours, I love Martin Garrix' music:)

Two brekkies before uni: an Açaí bowl with berries and muesli with banana, almond butter and berries. It's so good to make a little extra effort in the morning and really treat yourself with a tasty and healthy breakfast before starting your day.

Poilâne sent me some Halloween-themed cookies, super cute! It reminded me of baking Christmas cookies. Is it weird that I'm already excited for Christmas?? // Graanmarkt (a nice square in Antwerp) was looking beautiful with the yellow leaves 'carpet'. Now, a week later, it's all gone!

Even though I live close, I hadn't been to Finjan in ages. They serve the best falafel pitta in town, so I took a friend here before a party. // We went to a Halloween party and decided to go as Snapchat filters. I chose the panda and she chose the deer. Not the most creative Halloween look but pretty easy if you're not good with make-up.

I was home for the weekend and took Nocho for the longest walks all weekend. The colours were just incredible and she really enjoyed playing in the leaves. Autumn at its best!

It was the perfect weather to go running so I went for two runs, of which the second one was a fast 10K. This is even faster than I once ran during a 10K race, so I really surprised myself. It felt so good!

More Dahlias in every colour of the rainbow. I hope they'll continue to grow a little while longer. // Ever since the temperatures dropped I've been living in my teddy coat which I bought last winter. It's fun that the teddy coat is a big trend now, I feel very in fashion ;)

I hope you don't mind the delay of this post, I hope you'll have a lovely November! 

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