Sunday, January 1, 2017

This was '16

2016 was not the best year worldwide, as we're all aware. But I like to think positively and I have high hopes for 2017! For me personally, 2016 was a really great year, with so many beautiful trips, beath-taking moments and a lot of quality time with loved ones. I went through each month to list the highlights of my year in a nutshell. I'm so ready for this new year and what's to come, thank you for following my journey! 


Started the year with a vegan month ♡ Got better at boxing ♡ Taught myself how to make boxer braids and Dutch braids  Finally bought tickets for the trip of my dreams


Went to Amsterdam for Annemerel's book launch ♡ My brownie recipe was featured in Metro newspaper in Holland thanks to Annemerel ♡ Made hundreds of little rose bouquets for Valentine's Day ♡ Went to Amsterdam for an Adidas boot camp in the snow ♡ Hosted a vegan cooking class with my sister


Travelled to Hong Kong, spent 12 hours there ♡ Crossed New Zealand off my bucket list, spent 3 weeks there ♡ Went camping for the first time ♡ Walked more than 400 kilometres  Went to some of the most beautiful places ever


Travelled to Australia ♡ Ate ALL the food in Melbourne & Sydney ♡ Crossed more things off my bucket list♡ Saw the most beautiful beaches on Australia's East Coast ♡ Swam in The Great Barrier Reef ♡ Travelled to Bali ♡ Went to more beautiful beaches & ate vegan food every day


Returned home from my 2-month trip ♡ Enjoyed the beautiful weather and ate lots of watermelon ♡ Participated in a hockey tournament and lost ♡ Went to some cool food events thanks to my blog


Travelled to Malta, saw my best friends ♡ Made lots of vegan food ♡ Cheered for Belgium's football team ♡ Started my nutrition self-study


Travelled to Nice & Ventimiglia for a wedding ♡ Spent a day wandering around Ghent ♡ Went to Tomorrowland ♡ Picked more flowers than I could count


Went to the seaside, twice ♡ Visited my friends in London ♡ Travelled to Moscow ♡ Celebrated my birthday in St. Petersburg ♡ Celebrated my birthday with my family at Graanmarkt 13 ♡ Started my master degree in Antwerp


Passed my nutritionist exam with 90% ♡ Made new friends at uni ♡ Moved to Antwerp Zuid ♡ Spent some days with my best London friends at home


Tried new hotspots in Antwerp ♡ Saw Justin Bieber in concert ♡ Drove to Amsterdam to see Martin Garrix at ADE ♡ Enjoyed the most beautiful fall we've had in ages


Travelled to Munich to visit one of my best friends ♡ Travelled to Dublin, visited Google ♡ Spent most days at uni and stressed about deadlines ♡ Travelled to Valencia for a beautiful wedding 


Studied for my exams ♡ Enjoyed the Christmas lights in Antwerp ♡ Went to Brussels 3 days in a row ♡ Moved out of my flat in Antwerp ♡ Celebrated Christmas at home with the family ♡ Spent a day in Amsterdam ♡ Celebrated NYE with my dearest high school friends 

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