Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Boulton & Watt | New York

Today's post is a mini review of a brunch spot in the East Village. Boulton & Watt looks like nothing special from the outside, and inside it feels more like a run down pub than a place where you'd have brunch. But when my friend told me they had the best french toast in town, I had to go try it.
Boulton & Watt French Toast | New York

As I mentioned, Boulton & Watt doesn't deserve any beauty prizes, it looks and kind of smells like a dive bar (the American version of a British pub). But there are two big pluses 1) they have a good brunch menu and 2) there are no queues, no waiting! We tried two other brunch places before we ended here, but the queues were insane. And we don't like waiting for our food. So Boulton & Watt it was!

Boulton & Watt French Toast | New York

We placed out orders within seconds. French toast for me, Greek yogurt granola for my friend. The friend who recommended this place to me had warned me "their french toast is like cocaine." She's kind of right, this toast is so addictive! It's chewy and crispy on the outside and buttery soft on the inside. Very cinnamon-y and delicious in combination with the warm berries. 

Boulton & Watt French Toast | New York

Because the plate of French toast was so massive we swapped halfway through. I think you could easily share one plate of French toast since it's quite heavy. 

Boulton & Watt French Toast | New York

Overall, the French Toast at Boulton & Watt is worth the hype. It's not the coziest or most charming place for brunch, but if you're looking for a typical American heavy breakfast, this is the perfect spot. I've also heard that this is a good place to watch a sports game since they have a couple of big screens and some good bar snacks. A good backup plan if your other options are too crowded! 

>> 5 Avenue A (corner of Avenue A and 1st St)

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