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Time for a new update from New York! I finally found a place to live and moved to Greenwich Village, it snowed for the first time, I took a mandatory trip to IKEA, watched the Superbowl and went to the Met. And of course, I tried some new restaurants (tacos, pizza, dumplings, you name it).

I'm not sure if I'll get tired of the New York skyline anytime soon...

Last week Tuesday was moving day for me! I stayed with friends the first two weeks in New York, but I found my own place (with one roommate) in Greenwich Village, what a dream!

I went to get my key in the morning and I left the building it started snowing. It sounds cheesy but that moment was kind of magical since I'd been dreaming about seeing New York in the snow. 

You might remember a very similar picture in a previous post. I just can't get over how beautiful these oil stains look on the street. I'd never even noticed this before? 

Some dog owners were having fun with their three ridiculously cute dogs and placed them in a shop window, where they fitted just perfectly. Super cute! 

My friend Charlotte and I went to Ruby's for brunch on the day I moved to my new place. It's a little Australian brunch spot, the review is coming up! 

As a thank you gift for the friends I stayed with, I got some Aesop products. It's for sure my favorite brand for hand- and body products. The walls in the Nolita shop are made of tightly packed layers of old New York times newspapers. I would have never guessed if I didn't ask what it was. Such a cool idea!

Pretty snowy Nolita! 

The first thing I did when I moved to my new room was to buy a bunch of pink flowers. Now, almost two weeks later they are still looking beautiful.

After living like a nomad for two weeks, I can finally make home cooked meals again. And I discovered something brilliant: sweet potato in the microwave. It takes a fraction of the time (I always used the oven) and it's a very tasty and quick meal. Sweet potato topped with cinnamon, pepper and chili flakes, olive oil, avocado, parsley, tomatoes and hummus on the side. Ready in less than 10 minutes, vegan and super healthy.

Exploring my new neighborhood.

Since my room was pretty bare (I only had a bed), I went to IKEA in Brooklyn with two friends to get some essentials. You can take the IKEA ferry which feels more like a sightseeing tour. It takes you straight to IKEA, super convenient and really lovely if you go around sunset. 

Who needs a tourist boat when you have the IKEA ferry??

Washing Square Park is one of my favorite spots in New York so far. I'm so lucky to live about 2 minutes away from here, so I come by here very often.

Last Thursday I tested The Smile, which I medium liked. The starters were good and so was my main (tagliatelle) but it was way too oily and the pasta had a weird consistency. I liked the mushroom flatbread the most! 

After dinner, we went to Acme and then Paul's Baby Grand, a club which I loved. Cool interior and really good music (think 80's disco mixed with Drake). My favorite going out place so far!

Friday was somewhat of a tough day after such a fun night. I had class all afternoon so I attempted to cure my hangover with some healthy wraps.  

Friday night it was time for some deliciousss Mexican food at Tacombi Fonda Nolita. I reunited with one of my high school friends after 7 years and his wife. I had such a fun dinner with them, especially since they told me so many things about New York that only New Yorkers really know. The food at Tacombi was pretty damn good (I even had fish tacos don't tell anyone). Order the guacamole!

Tacombi's interior is really cool because it's decorated in a way that you feel like you're dining al fresco in Mexico, including VW Minivan which also serves as a bar/taco truck.

After tacos, it was time for cake at Little Cupcake Bakeshop, where the three of us shared a piece of classic carrot cake. Delicious!

If you like cakes and cupcakes, this is definitely a spot you should put on your to-do list!

On Saturday morning I was greeted by another sunny day in New York. Unfortunately, I was on my way to class when I took this picture, so no time to soak up Vit D. 

Having this view when leaving class on a Saturday makes it a little less difficult..

The Lincoln Center. I'd love to watch the ballet here, so let's see who I can convince to go with me!

Fast forward to Saturday night, after a crazy housewarming party in Brooklyn, I needed a nice slice of pizza. In Belgium we eat fries after a night out, in New York, you eat a slice. This one from Prince Street Pizza was tasty!


Sunday was the dreariest of days, but the New Year parade in Chinatown brightened up my day!

To warm up a bit, we went to Cha Cha Matcha for a Matcha latte. I must admit I wasn't really impressed with this matcha. But I feel like they were super rushed because it was so busy inside. Next time better?

Golden hour at Washington Square Park.

Smoothie bowl for breakfast. The ingredients; 1/2 avocado, lots of baby spinach, frozen banana, frozen raspberries, strawberries, oats and almond milk. Topped with strawbs, coconut and almond butter. 

One of my favorite pictures I took so far in NY, the light was so beautiful in this very moment.

Sunday wasn't just a regular Sunday, it was Superbowl Sunday. So for the first time ever, I watched the Superbowl from start to finish, together with a big group of Belgians and some Americans who tried and failed at explaining the game to us. But we had fun and it was pretty exciting in the end. And we experienced Superbowl history, so I'm glad I watched! (secretly I liked the halftime show the most. I love Gaga.)

Monday morning at La Colombe on Lafayette, my favorite La Colombe so far. It's bright and spacious, which makes it a perfect spot to do a few hours of work.

This cute little place sells tiny cones of ice cream. I must come here when it gets warmer!

The Mews were my favorite thing about London, but here in New York they seemed to be nonexistent until I found one on 5th Avenue. More basic than a London mews but still very cute. 

After studying and doing groceries it was time to enjoy the weather so I took the subway to Central Park and walked around for a few hours.

I spotted the Met from the back and since I'd never even been close, I decided to walk by it (I was going with a friend on Tuesday so I didn't go in)

After seeing passing the Met I went back into Central Park.

The light was magical again so after Central Park I took the subway to the High Line to watch the sun set. The witch hazels matched the red brick buildings in the background in the golden evening light. It made me think of winter back home. 

The High Line on a Monday afternoon is practically deserted, which is a nice change from what it's like during weekends. 

I sat down in the sun for a while until it went down and it got too cold. I love these moments where I can just listen to music and observe my surroundings. When I'm with other people I pay much less attention to where I am, and I'd never have the chance to capture these moments on camera. 

My standard winter breakfast: almond milk oatmeal with banana, berries, coconut and peanut butter. I could never ever get tired of this. Some nights I already think about this breakfast and get excited haha.

I needed this big breakfast because I was meeting a friend at the Metropolitan Museum (okay only after we had our morning coffee together). I had wanted to go here since forever so I'm so happy I finally went! This is not my last time, I think we only saw a third of the museum.

After a few hours at The Met we were starving so we headed down to the East Village for dumplings. Not just any dumplings, but dumplings at The Dumpling Man. For 10 dollars you get 10 giant dumplings which are made right in front of your eyes. SO GOOD (review coming). 

Since my friend is an even bigger coffee lover than I am, we went to Ost Café after lunch for a little pick-me-up. Delicious coffee but the place is tiny and unfortunately invaded by people working on Macbooks. I love the French nonchalant vibe of this café! 

I take so many pictures here it's almost hard to keep up with these updates, but I hope you enjoyed part 5 of my New York adventure!

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