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My last New York post ended last Thursday morning, after my boxing class at Gotham Gym. What I got up to in the long weekend: some partying, enjoying the first days of real spring in the city, going for brunch in Brooklyn, exploring Williamsburg and just wandering around the city without a plan. The weather was just incredible and you could really feel the city come alive. The same thing always happened in London, when the first days of spring came around and it felt like an entirely different city. It's probably my favourite time of the year. 
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On Thursday afternoon I had a coffee at Banter while I did one last read over a group report we worked on. The guys at Banter are so nice and I think they're doing really well for only having opened a week ago! 

At night it was time to celebrate the completion of our first major uni project, so we headed to Rintintin for dinner.

I love the atmosphere at Rintintin, there's fun music and the crowd is very chic/cool. We had a mix of Moroccan and Italian dishes. I shared the mushroom risotto which was delicious and the vegetable tagine which was kind of tasteless. I think the menu is kind of hit or miss!

After dinner we went to my favourite bar/club in the city, Paul's Baby Grand. I love everything about this place, but the music is what really does it for me. The night starts with fun of oldies music and the later it gets, the more "new" music they start playing. Perfect for dancing all night!

The next day I woke up very late so I felt bad and decided to walk to uni for a bit. I discovered a really cute shop of which I've already lost the name.. I love their neon sign in the shop window!

After class I went to do some groceries but before that I stumbled upon the most beautiful Barney's ever, Downtown. I've never seen such a sleek department store, and their collection is incredible. It's like walking straight into heaven. I fell in love with a pair of Chanel boots and everything from Alaïa. 

The ever photogenic Flatiron building.

Think Coffee is a chain of cafés which are perfect for working. They have wifi, snacks and semi-good coffee.

On Friday night I went for dinner and a couple of bars. We ended up at The Box, which is the same as the one in London. It's a club with a weird kind of freak show. Not for sensitive people ;) Photos are not allowed but I snuck one in for the sake of the blog hah!

On Saturday I met some girl friends in Brooklyn to have a look at the flea market. They had some cool stuff but we didn't stay long because the weather was too good to be inside!

We had coffee at a new place called Dot & Line. Super cute inside and great coffee!

Once we got hungry we had brunch at Building on Bond, a random spot we came across. The food was actually nothing special here but the terrace outside is really lovely for sunny days! 

After brunch we walked around a bit in Brooklyn! 

Time to head back to the city, over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The views are incredible but I must say that I liked it much more when I came here early in the morning and there was almost no one there. Now I almost had to fight my way through the crowds.

Found this Insta-perfect spot ;) I can totally imagine that many girls stop here for a pic!

I was in the best mood on Saturday, mainly thanks to the amazing weather. It was the first time I saw so many people on the streets, everyone trying to make the most of this beautiful Saturday.

Sunday was another beautiful day (it almost gets boring, sorry!)

I walked around the West Village in the morning. I love morning walks!

In the afternoon we biked to Williamsburg!

First stop: the Whyte Hotel rooftop. The views from here are insane, and I can imagine this being a perfect spot for a summer party. The drinks are really expensive here though, so maybe it's better to go here for a meal so you can enjoy the view for a longer time.

Second stop: Cafe Colette for brunch. What a cute place! They have lots of room, both inside and outside on their terrace. 

The food was delicious as well! Still dreaming of those fries.

After wandering around the main streets of Williamsburg for a while, it was time to watch the sun set. 

While biking back to Manhattan over the Williamsburg Bridge, we had a breathtaking view over Manhattan's skyline. It's these moments that I find it hard to believe that I actually get to live in this crazy city. I feel so lucky!

Monday was bank holiday and I don't really remember what I did all day. I think I walked around a lot as usual!

I also did a little shopping and found some very warm and cosy hoodies. I promised myself to start wearing more colour.

On Monday I went to Gotham Gym in the West Village for another boxing class. This time I went for an Advanced Class and it was tough but so much fun. Did I already say I love boxing? This is also the same gym that Gigi and Bella Hadid box at, which makes it extra motivating!

A simple but yummy dinner at home: kale and spinach salad with avocado, tomatoes, tahini dressing and some pita chips. And for dessert: yogurt with strawberries and coconut flakes.

On Tuesday I had class again in the morning and then worked in the afternoon. And had coffee at La Colombe, my favorite spot.

Hope you've all had a great week so far and I hope you'll have a nice weekend! Thanks for reading!

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